Thursday, February 28, 2008

You aren't going to believe this, but just as I published that last post, Joel squirmed a little in my lap, then made a push, and I quickly zipped him over to the trash can next to the desk, and HE WENT POTTY IN THE TRASH CAN! It happened fast, but I remembered to make the "mmmmmm" sound so that he can begin to associate the sound with the poo-poo action. I'm so excited! Maybe we can really do this.

So I've learned one important thing so far about infant potty training: Do not dress the baby in anything that takes more than three seconds to remove. :o)


mimi garcia de aguilar said...

that`s so truth, they give you like three seconds to take them potty, or watch them find one. this are so beautiful experience. thanks for sharing with us