Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recent Bees-ness

For as long as I can remember, honey bees have been invading our house. They usually dispatch a small squad, and two or three get into the house so that I have to swat them (which I dislike doing). Well, I've come to realize what they have been up to! It appears that their colony has grown to the point where they want to split off and start a new colony. GUESS where they think they are moving to? Our back yard! Daniel took these photos this morning.

This is up in the top of Daniel's tool shed. This computer box seems to be the perfect "hive".. small opening, lots of room inside.

That was this morning. Now it is afternoon, and the number of bees out there has at least quadrupled, and the buzz is almost deafening!

H - E - L - P ! !

I don't know how to be a beekeeper, but I think they are adopting us!

Monday, October 19, 2009


This morning's devotional thought was I Cor. 16:14 "Let all your things be done with charity." This word "charity" is the Greek word agape, which means love, as in affection or benevolence. It's thinking and acting toward a person with kindly affection, and giving willingly of oneself for their sake, desiring to promote their prosperity and happiness. Some things are easy to do with love, but ALL things? Not so easy..

When it comes to performing certain tasks, doing them with love comes almost naturally. Things like making a gift for someone, or fixing up a surprise for a spouse. But what about the daily, mundane things, like washing dishes? picking up after someone? changing a stinky diaper? It's not always easy to conjure up affection while doing some of those! But the verse above says ALL things.

Agape love simply does not come naturally to any son of Adam or daughter of Eve. It takes effort, on purpose. Most of the times it takes denial of self and feelings. It's just not possible to feel affectionate and benevolent toward others, while having a mental pity party for yourself! ..But I'm finding out that that is one of the beauties of doing all things with agape. Once "self" is out of the way, there is real joy in doing those mundane tasks!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Protecting yourself from H1N1

Well, the "Swine Flu" vaccine is out, but the reports on its safety are wishy-washy at best. To me, most vaccines involve more risks than I am willing to take, for myself and much less for my children. Have you considered all the possible side effects of this new H1N1 vaccine? It is something to think about before you allow it to be injected into your body.

There are other means to protect yourself from not only H1N1, but also from any strain of flu this season. Here are some ways that you can take charge of your own health, reduce your risk of flu infection, and minimize the gravity and length of illness should you contract the flu virus in spite of your best efforts.

* Think "rabbit food". Try to incorporate more raw veggies and fruits into your diet. They are packed with immunity-boosting goodies, and will also help cleanse your body of impurities that build up in your colon and make you sick. Have you ever seen a rabbit catch the flu? I thought not. ;o)

* Avoid processed foods. Processed foods are any foods that come pre-packaged and are far removed from their natural state. Frozen dinners and snacks, even "healthy" choices, contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, and others ingredients that compromise your health and immune system.

* Take your vitamins. A good quality daily multivitamin, and maybe some additional C, will help to fill in the gaps in your diet and boost your immune system.

* Eat fresh garlic. Garlic is one of my favorite remedies for flu, colds, and other infections. It is a powerful natural probiotic, shown to be effective even against viruses. You can cut up a clove into little slivers and take them like pills, but of course a spoonful of honey can make a chopped clove of garlic go down a lot easier.

* Get some exercise. Research indicates a link between regular, moderate exercise and a strong immune system. Try taking a thirty-minute walk each day, or some other exercise that will be easy for you to stick to.

* Get enough rest. Ever hear the phrase "sick and tired"?Wear out your body, wear out your immunity. A tired body simply cannot defend itself against diseases. For me, seven or eight hours of sleep at night leaves me rested, but it might be different for you. Go to bed at a reasonable hour so that you get the rest that you need.

* Wash your hands. This one is pretty obvious, but it is SO important. We make it a habit to wash our hands before eating, after doing anything outside, as soon as we get home from church, grocery store, anywhere. We also try to teach the children not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth with their hands.

I hope these tips are helpful to you, and that you and your family will enjoy a safe, healthy Autumn and Winter! Oh, and don't forget to pray. :o)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miracle in the making

I just posted an update on my pregnancy with baby #7 over at Curiously Wrought. Go take a look!