Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recent Bees-ness

For as long as I can remember, honey bees have been invading our house. They usually dispatch a small squad, and two or three get into the house so that I have to swat them (which I dislike doing). Well, I've come to realize what they have been up to! It appears that their colony has grown to the point where they want to split off and start a new colony. GUESS where they think they are moving to? Our back yard! Daniel took these photos this morning.

This is up in the top of Daniel's tool shed. This computer box seems to be the perfect "hive".. small opening, lots of room inside.

That was this morning. Now it is afternoon, and the number of bees out there has at least quadrupled, and the buzz is almost deafening!

H - E - L - P ! !

I don't know how to be a beekeeper, but I think they are adopting us!


Randy said...

Sister Tammy, I think you have a great science project getting started for the children :] . There is one thing I have learned about bees and wasps over the years, don't get excited and start swatting at them and most of the time you will not get stung.My wife and daughter go crazy when they are around. Guess you are going to have to find some books on bee keeping now. Just think fresh honey now enjoy.

Bro Randy

Tori said...

Wow, I'm not envying you at all. Make sure to be careful and let us know what happens!

Tammy said...

I'm really torn! We would love to have a bee hive, and it could be a great experience for the children. But beekeepers I've seen online don't exactly have their hive right in their back yard, lol! I'm just wondering if it's too close to the house.

The thing is growing by the hour, and I know we have to decide quickly if we want to move it, or keep it. Won't be long before moving it becomes very, very difficult.

Anonymous said...

Hey sister Tammy,
My bee hive is literally in my back yard and it is not a problem. I absolutely love beekeeping. Lisa

Tammy said...

Lisa, that's good to know! Could you email me? I'd like to pick your brain about some things..


Tammy said...

My brother-in-law has his hive in his back yard right beside the shed. It is not always ideal but as long as you learn the ropes of how to care for them, it will be ok. AS soon as we can afford to have a bee hive, Bob wants to start one. We love fresh honey. We give it away in 4 oz bottles to our visitors at church. Bob's brother provides it for us.

carol said...

The bees are disapearing in some states. They must like you

Elizabeth said...

Did I mention that these pictures got a big "wow" out of me? Are the bees aggressive? How easily are they provoked?

Tammy said...

They are not aggressive at all -- yet. Lisa told me that they won't be aggressive unless they have their young and/or honey to protect..

This thing is still growing! I would love to see what all they are doing inside that box. If we want to be beekeepers, it will require building them a hive that we can remove the combs from. We are way too busy this time of year to do that! So the bees are on the back burner.. and meanwhile are taking over Daniel's workshop in the back yard! (nervous laugh) ;o)

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Honestly if i were you, I'd be crying!