Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look Who's Two!

THERE'S our sweet boy!

It's so hard for this mama to believe that two years have already passed since our littlest man was born. Joel adds so much fun to our family!

TWO things I love about him:

1) His eagerness to learn about the world around him.

2) The way he snuggles, even if he is stingy about kisses. (Working on that. :oD)

We took this video of Joel several weeks ago.. Every mama thinks her baby is a genius!

Joel's name means "The LORD is God", and it is our prayer that Jehovah will be his God and his Lord all the days of his life!

Happy birthday, little man! We love you so!


Randy said...


You have such a cute little boy. I hope he had a really special day. May he grow to be a Godly men that loves and lives for the Lord.

Elizabeth said...

Love the video. I was truly impressed that he can tell left from right. My six year old is still needs reminding!

Two is so fun! Whoever coined the phrase "terrible twos" was just crazy. It takes more patience, yes, but terrible? Not hardly!

Happy birthday big man!

Jenfier Harrod said...

Oh, he is so precioso! He IS a very smart! I just want to cuddle with him right now! GOd Bless his little heart! Pray for us!as we pray for you!