Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Blessing for You This Season..

May the LORD draw us more and more unto Himself! May we meditate, not upon the babe in the manger, but upon the One who is everlasting, our Creator, the Great I AM, who came in the flesh to show us how we should walk, and to save us from our sins. May the Lord remove the taste of the world from our mouths. Let us strive to yield our will and our flesh to learn what His will is, and to perform it during this brief pilgrimage. His grace and peace be upon each of us who make HIM Lord!


Anonymous said...

Do you worship the Babe in the manger,
But reject the Christ of the Cross?
Your redemption comes not by the manger,
But the death of Christ on the Cross.

If you worship the Babe in the manger,
But ignore the blood of God’s Son,
To you Christ is only a stranger,
Til you trust the work He has done.

The Babe in the manger was God’s only Son,
Who came to the world to die.
The Babe in the manger could never have done
The work of His God on high.

The Babe left the manger and went to the Cross
To pay the wages of sin.
Your way of forgiveness is not by the Babe,
But the Christ who died for your sin.

– W. S. and Mildred Dillon

rgrahampastor said...

Born To Die by Ron Hamilton

On the night Christ was born

Just before break of morn,

As the stars in the sky were fading,

O’er the place he lay,

Fell a shadow cold and gray

Of a cross that would humble a King.

(chorus) Born to die upon Calvary,

Jesus suffered my sin to forgive;

Born to die upon Calvary,

He was wounded that I might live.

Jesus knew when He came

He would suffer in shame;

He could feel ev’ry pain and sorrow.

But He left Paradise.

With His blood He paid the price –

My redemption to Jesus I owe.

(chorus) Born to die upon Calvary

Jesus suffered my sin to forgive;

Born to die upon Calvary,

He was wounded that I might live.

sarah said...

Wonderful post and comments.
Very, very good!
I rejoice in our Lord Jesus Chirst!

Dakota said...

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Have a blessed day!

In Christ,

Rashel said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I wanted to come visit your blog as well and have enjoyed reading it. I look forward to visiting again.