Friday, September 12, 2008

Doctor's warning!

Yesterday I read this article from the Los Angeles Times. The headline says it all, really.

Canadian Doctor Warns Sarah Palin's Decision to Have Down Baby Could Reduce Abortions

UH oh. We don't want that, now do we?

Seriously, who doesn't want fewer abortions? Even pro-choice people say that fewer is better. I mean, they don't want to sound Pro-Death or anything. Not out loud.

Evidently, this audacious doc gets a bit anxious when a high-profile, "successful" woman chooses to give birth to a baby that they knew before-hand had Downs syndrome. Has our culture fallen so low that the docs are nervous that more women will ruin their lives by choosing to let their babies live, instead of getting abortions?

Does she look like she regrets having that precious baby? I think not.

Here is a quote from the article:

In her widely-viewed acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention and a TV audience of some 37 million last week, Palin did not refer to her baby's birth as a decision or choice. "In April," she said, "my husband Todd and I welcomed our littlest one into the world, a perfectly beautiful baby boy named Trig.

"From the inside, no family ever seems typical. That's how it is with us. Our family has the same ups and downs as any other, the same challenges and the same joys.

"Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge. And children with special needs inspire a special love."

Thank you, Mrs. Palin, for injecting some sanity back into this world.


Nina in Portugal said...

I'm with you! Praise the Lord!

Isn't that an adorable picture of her with her son?!

Tori said...

Amen!! The audacity of people like this Dr. Makes me sick!

The world is so lost, it's mind boggling to think that they have no clue!

Thanks for posting this Tammy, very timely..

Tammy said...

Amen and Amen! I was jumping off the couch and cheering during her speech! And the pic of her daughter licking her hand and brushing Trig's hair down! - Priceless! It was a perfect pic of everyday life of children.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord she chose life. Now it's just so sad she's probably going to miss his entire childhood. He needs her desperately, much more than we do.