Monday, September 22, 2008

One comment I read from my previous post about that wacky Canadian abortionist doctor (no offence to Canadians in general) reminded me of another issue that I want to post about.

That issue is Sarah Palin's candidacy for vice-president of the United States.

Mrs. Palin seems to be a decent person with good, conservative values, as far as politicians go. But there is one nagging flaw in her character: her willingness to choose to be vice-president, or governor, or even mayor, or anything else over her God-given calling to be a Keeper at Home.

Palin's name on the ballot has really complicated things, in my mind. Daniel and I are all set for the election with our absentee ballots on the way, but I do not know if I can cast my vote at all. To vote for McCain/Palin is to put a woman into authority over many men ("But I suffer not a woman to...usurp authority over the man..." I Timothy 2:12) and also place her under the authority of a man other than her own husband. ("Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands..." Ephesians 5:22)

...And to vote for the alternative candidate is unthinkable.

I would love to hear your comments.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I feel the same way. Have you ever looked into Chuck Baldwin? I certainly don't buy the idea that not voting for McCain is the same as voting for Obama. The outcome of the election is in God's hands, I simply want to vote for the best choice and leave it to Him. If all Christians would vote this way, rather than out of fear, we could certainly see a miracle happen. However, If God chooses to chastise our country, His will be done.

I enjoy reading your blog!

In Him,

Tammy said...

I agree about women not being in authority but every time I wonder about it, I remember that Deborah was a prophetess and judge over Israel (placed in that position by God) and she was married. She went to the battle with Barak because he was a chicken and wouldn't go without her. I don't understand God allowing this but I know it is true. For what reason? We can only speculate. In 2 Kings 22:14 we see about Huldah, a prophetess in Jerusalem that was in the college. The Bible does speak about a woman usurping authority over a man but that is talking about within the church. Women are not to teach and have authority over men in the church which is why in our church a woman isn't going to be the teen Sunday school teacher. Those teens are young men. Also, usurp means to seize wrongfully. The way I take that is, that a woman isn't to stand up and take control of a meeting or whatever. However, if the man in charge gives permission for her to speak (because it also says that a woman is to keep silent in the church) I think it is allowed. Many missionary wives are asked to stand and give testimony when presenting at a church. Whether intending to teach or not, someone through their testimony is learning and that can also be men.
I am concerned that if enough people refrain from voting at all that the enemy of God will prevail. I am terrified of what will happen in this country if handed over to the wrong control. I do know that all authority is allowed by God, for Scripture says so, whether it is His perfect will or not; but I am not ready to have extreme socialism forced upon me. Make no mistake, that is what the liberals want! It will be a close race this time and conservatism is on the line. Is Sarah Palin the best and perfect canidate for vice- president? I don't know. But how are we to know if God hasn't "placed her here for such a time as this"? Still you must follow what you believe is right before you and God. I know what I will do.

Tammy said...

Yes, there were certainly some examples in history where God used women in positions of leadership. But I think most, if not all, of these instances occurred because there was not a man who could or would step up to the task. I think God created women to submit to and follow their fathers then later their husbands, and for men to follow God and lead their wives and families.

I believe that is God's ideal for Mrs. Palin, too. I'd love to see her be a wife to that good sport of a husband she has, and mother to those five precious children, the oldest of which is going through her own crisis right now.

Tori said...

Ohh, this is a hot topic!

I don't like the whole idea of women in politics, it's takes them out of the homes and away from their first priority but in some cases it happens as in Mrs. Palin's case.

Living in a socialist ran country I am totally going to vote. I know what its like to be screamed at in a hospital. For an example, last week we had to take a lady from out church to the emergency room for trying to jump out of a fourth story window and when that didn't work she tried to stab herself. Now in our socialist country this is what the attendant in the emergency room said to us; "Why didn't you take her to her family doctor, she needs to go there first!". I almost lost my cool, she tried to KILL herself, but then I remembered this is how it is in socialistic countries.
We see countless children with Cerebral Palsy and all sorts of leg injuries from faulty doctors in the delivery room in Croatia who have been trained on pennies and know about that much.
Or even our little girl who had her appendices removed because the doctor didn't know to swab her throat to see that she had strep.
This is why we will vote for McCain/Palin and be proud in the fact that we are voting against Obama.

Someone said that by not voting for McCain doesn't mean you're voting for Obama, but I beg to differ. It does, for everyone of us that doesn't cast a vote in favor of M/P there is someone who will vote to put Obama in the Oval Office. If too many of us decided not to vote we have virtually handed the presidency over to a baby killing, homosexual supporting, socialistic candidate. It's vital that we vote the best choice, in life sometimes that's what we have to do. We live in a sin plagued world and it's not going to be idea so we have to make it as good as we can.

Our absentee ballots are also on the way and I'm ready to proudly check McCAin/Palin and be proud in my decision.

We all have to choose and we will be held accountable for that choice, and even if we are silent we are still making a choice.

Thanks for a great topic Tammy.

Kathy Aprile said...

Dear Tammy,
One alternative is to vote for Chuck Baldwin. Last week, Dr. Ron Paul, who was honestly the most "agreeable" (very forthright, very conservative, a believer in Jesus Christ, unashamedly, and a staunch defender of the U.S. Constitution (there are more reasons), officially, publicly endorsed Chuck Baldwin. That says alot, for those who wish God would bring forth a man to vote for, for U.S. President.
I also have struggled with what you speak of, in your post, but may actually vote for McCain-Palin *only* (!) to keep B.H.Obama out of office. Sorry to say I have voted that way before, just to keep the more-dangerous-to-USA candidate *out* of the White House.
The Lord alone knows who He wants to use to bring the American people to their knees, to lead more U.S. believers to the mission field even within their U.S. communities, and to bring spiritual revival to our land! I would honestly hate to see a overtly, unashamedly-evil leader be our next President, but folks do need to wake up and see who B.H.O. truly is, from all the true information about him that has come out. Legally, and through unethical practices, he should be completely "kicked out" of the election, but our system is so much more corrupt now, than before, that ... the two main candidates are both members of the CFR, and that alone is reason not to vote for them.
However, due to the ignorance of so many American voters in yet another 'no good choice' election, I may have to vote for the lesser of the evils, because at least Senator McCain actually fears God, though he is not one who publicly speaks out among his colleagues "loudly." Have read more truth about him recently, and though I definitely do not agree with all that he believes or might support, he would be a much safer choice than B.H.O. and his radical agenda to, eventually, have the U.S. as a dictatorship, with Marxism, Islamic sharia law in place and hate crimes against Christians and Jews becoming "the news of the day," supported by him and those with who he still associates (though he tries to put that on a back burner, so that willingly ignorant American votes will "forget" what has come out, even in some of the mainstream media, about him, that is absolutely true, about him and his wife and what they stand for and believe, personally, as well as who their close friends / advisors are.
Am crying out to God for Him to make it clear to believers all across the nation "who" The Lord Almighty wants us to vote for! This election may be the last one, before Jesus comes for us all, in the clouds! Only The Lord knows!
L'shana Tovah (Happy [Hebrew] New Year!) Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!
We're praying for your family, Tammy! Thank you for keeping us informed about what's going on with your family, and in Guatemala!
It helps us know how to pray for you all there!
(no longer in TX; now in the Tennessee mountains!)
... workin' for The Lord!

Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds said...

A friend sent me a link to your blog...and I've enjoyed a look around! It's awesome to read what the Lord is doing through a sister in another country...and how much of what you are expressing mirrors what the Lord is teaching me! Perhaps we have the same Tutor? ;)

I, too, echo the encouragement to check out Chuck Baldwin!

Blessings in Christ,

Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds