Monday, December 29, 2008

VBS 2008

This year's Escuelas Biblicas de Vacaciones in La Esperanza went very well. Some of the young people from San Juan came out to help us with the classes, puppets, and refreshments.

The first day attendance was lower than expected, and we were a little discouraged. Then we found out where everybody was...Right down the street, lining up for free toys for Christmas at the municipal building!

The next day things picked up, and we averaged about 75 children through the week, praise the Lord.

The puppets were a favorite. They captured the attention of children and adults alike. We did a couple of skits geared toward good behavior, but mostly they just sang songs with the children and interacted with Bro. Daniel.

My cousin Shelley flew up from Nicaragua to spend her vacation with us. (That's her, holding my J.B.) She helped us out in so many ways, and did an excellent job signing up the children so we would have good records for follow-up visits. Some vacation, huh? :o) But I've never seen such a willing and capable servant for the Lord. If some fellow is ever able to capture her heart, he will be blessed indeed!

Several teens came, including two girls who work as muchachas for families that live close by. One of those girls came to church last Sunday, since she has that day off.

Praise the Lord, there were several spiritual decisions made, and the children raised a good offering for a Scripture and tract printing ministry. Overall, it was a wonderful week, and a good learning experience for us at the new work in La Esperanza. We finished the week tired, but happy!


Tammy said...

Awesome! I'm tired after only a week and you do 3 weeks?!