Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Musing

Monday is always Catch-up Day around here. Between weekend activities, and the fact that practically NO housework gets done on the Lord's Day, there is always plenty to catch up on.

So while I am at it, I think I'll do a little catching-up on This Pilgrimage..

This weekend we enjoyed a wonderful Youth Meeting with a few other churches in the state. Our group prepared some special music with a chorale, acoustic guitars, and flute. The preaching was just excellent, and I think I am going to post the outline here later. Signs of a false Christianity. Convicting.

'Tis rainy season in Guatemala. The house is cool during the day, and nights are cooler. I haven't been blogging much because we have dealt with some illness, and I myself am still coming out of the fog of a monster ear/nose/throat infection. We don't take antibiotics unless the situation is out of control, which almost never happens, so we use a lot of home remedies around here. My favorite? Garlic Lemonade, a hot drink that feels sooo good on a sore throat. (That recipe is right here.)

Another reason I've been MIA, in a word, Facebook. My brother persuaded me to sign up. He said we can keep in touch better, and I'll find so many old friends from my past on there, and catching up is so much fun! All that is true, but it certainly does create a time conflict. My blogging friend Jungle Mom told me that "the younger folks prefer Facebook, the busy people want Twitter, and the rest of us like Blogger." That sounds about right! Facebook can be fun, but Blogger is where I can be stretched. I have found that great is the temptation to simply post one-liners on Facebook, and never get around to a blog post, which requires much more thought and effort. Repenting!

So now that I have expunged my guilt here, I must go refill my cup with hot tea and get back to household duties. May you all have a happy Monday, and a blessed week!


Randy said...

Sister Tammy it is so good to see you back. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you . It sounds like you must be feeling better too . Makes it hard in the home when Mama is not feel good neither. I will have to give my wife your garlic lemonade remedy to try . She suffers from sore throat and such a lot.

I am looking forward to the outline on false Christianity.

Facebook , a friend invited to to join that too. Not sure what to think of it yet, just have not been able to get into it as of yet. Seems like the friends that I want to say in touch with I don't have any problems with using the means that I all ready use. And I do believe if we are not careful it can end up being a time waster.

Well may the Lord continue to raise you back up to good health and bless you and your family.

Bro Randy

Elizabeth said...

I was also beginning to wonder if everything was okay. :-) Glad you are well. Also, I am totally THRILLED to hear about the great youth meeting. Can't wait to read the message outline.

Any ear/nose/throat/chest/respiratory/etc infection is just miserable in my opinion. Probably because they seem to linger on and on. Hopefully soon that stinky monster will 100% behind you.

It seems that Facebook and Twitter have really gotten a lot of popularity lately. My husband and I had a MySpace for several months. It was nothing but a negative experience for us. After we deleted our accounts, we both said never again would we be a part of any social networking site again. It was just not good for us.

That cup of tea sounds really good. I've not been able to tolerate the caffeine in coffee lately and have had to cut it out. Something warm sounds wonderful though.

David, Amy, & Sophie said...

July and August were our worst months healthwise last year, and this year has been no different. Seems we've had two rounds of the flu go through everybody (never got tested but we sure wonder if one was swine flu...just about the sickest any of us have EVER been!), and now chicken pox is going through the kids. Any recommendations for that? We're doing oatmeal baths.
I hope you are feeling well and gaining weight!

Tammy said...

Amy,I'm so sorry you all have been ill lately as well! Chicken Pox is no fun, but it is good if they get it as children and develop an immunity to it. I'm told it's SO much worse for an adult who gets it. (I'm tempted to expose my children to yours, lol!)

I would recommend a wholesome diet, no processed foods, and just keep them comfortable. The oatmeal baths are very good, and I'll share a neat idea I read. Fill a cotton sock halfway with rolled oats and knot it closed. Run the bathwater, and squeeze the sock in the water until it exudes milky water, then use the sock to rub all over your child.

I hope you all will be well again soon!

Tammy said...

Randy & Elizabeth, I really am leaning toward canceling my FB account, for all the reasons stated. If people want to keep in touch, I have my blog, and also a handy email address. :o) Thanks for your input!

Miss Jocelyn @, Feelin' Feminine said...

Nice to see a new update from you, and hear everything is going well - even if you don't keep up with facebook. lol I don't have one myself. :P

David, Amy, & Sophie said...

I also recently cancelled my facebook account - partly because it was too easy to waste time, but primarily because of the lack of control over what sponsor advertisements and what user photos showed up so easily. I wouldn't allow young ladies in such dress to sit in my living room... so why invite them in on the computer monitor?

I did think potential good could come out of connecting with friends from long ago. Never know what some little tidbit of thought provoking conversation can lead to!

It is a better time for us to have chicken pox than it could be. Though it's not fun to see a little one miserable, I'm not complaining!

Tammy said...

So glad to see you posting again! As you know I just opened a FB account but not sure I'll keep it. - for all the reasons already stated - tho I'm not too into it. I like seeing what others are up to but so many just say things that don't really matter. Who cares if someone ate eggs for breakfast and is trying to figure out the rest of the day. - There will be 10 comments on that! Go figure! And if someone reads your blog post that you actually might have put some thought into and try to be thought provoking, you won't get a comment at all. I reckon that mindless is in right now.
Chicken pox is definitely better as a younger child. My kids didn't have it til they were older - Jenny when in the 7th grade and John in 3rd. Jenny really scarred from it and also ran very high temps. I don't think her outbreak was as bad as it should have been and therefore she will likely get shingles when she is older.