Monday, March 7, 2011

Walking by the way..

My twelve-year-old daughter and I were driving to La Esperanza to clean the church building today, when we passed a woman standing by the car of a man who was leering at her. She was not dressed like a lady, and her laughter as we went by was garish and loud. It reminded me of a proverb about the "strange" woman, which I quoted to Jessica.

"She is loud and stubborn; her feet abide not in her house."

To which Jessica responded, agast, "Yeah, her feet are abiding about six or eight inches above the ground!"

This made me laugh. She was talking about the woman's really high-heeled shoes.


HereinisLOVE said...

LOL! Young ones say the funniest (and sometimes most profound) things!

Bro. Daniel said...

There is a difference in the attire of such a woman! But it is not for the better!

Tori said...

That's really cute. It's not hard for children to tell which women are ladies and which are not.

Hope the Coates are doing great!!

Tammy said...

Funny! Unfortunately many women here in the states dress and speak unlady like and they are not necessarily "picking up men on a street corner".

Miss Linda said...

You can truly tell so much about a woman by her dress and deportment, can't you? It is so funny that even your daughter had the discernment to see the nature of the woman by the clothing she wore! I think that says a lot about how you are raising her--at such a young age she can discern a godly woman from an ungodly one!