Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fast and furious

The last few days were a whirl of activity, and I hardly had time to post about our visitors! As I write, Daniel is driving Bro. Stansell and Jonathan to the airport in Guatemala City. They fly out around 1 p.m. today. The children are a bit somber this morning; they got up early to see them off, and miss them already.

I have to apologize for the lack of photos in this post, but I don't have access to the camera. To me, posting without pictures is like talking without my hands! So I will post pics soon.

We enjoyed their visit very much! On the Lord's Day, Bro. Stansell preached to a crowd in Xela, then at the new church in La Esperanza, and then again at the church in San Juan. He and Jonathan were a great encouragement to the people, as well as to us missionaries.

Monday we met up with another missionary family, the Wilders, and headed out to visit the ruins at Huehuetenango. The weather was perfect, and the deep blue sky and ever-changing clouds were a dramatic backdrop to the ancient Mayan structures. We explored the palacial house, a sport arena, the temple of (pagan) worship, and other ruins. The history was fascinating.

Tuesday was the day for shopping and running errands. They visited the Centro Comercial, which has some of the best touristy shopping in town. The Stansells had brought down the parts we needed to get our van repaired, and the shop was working on it. Tuesday evening was prayer meeting in San Juan.

Wednesday morning, Daniel took the Stansells and our three oldest children up to Cerro Quemado, which is a huge dormant volcano south of town. I stayed home with the younger ones. When the phone rang later, it was Daniel saying he was calling from 9500 feet above sea level! In the afternoon they shopped some more, and in the evening there was the church meeting in La Esperanza.

There were thirteen present for church last night, in spite of the rain. The preaching was great, and we were exhorted that our life is but a vapor that appeareth for a little time, then it's gone. If we want our life to count for Christ, the time to do His work is right now, because tomorrow is not promised.

On the way home, I think that message was on all of our hearts. As we approached the central park of La Esperanza, it was spontaneously decided to stop and pass out gospel tracts. Even though it was dark and wet, there were many people out, and I think most all of them received a tract.

We did the same in San Juan. There was the sense that time is running short, partly because the Stansells were to leave the next morning, but mostly because life is short, and we don't know how long we have to work!

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.

But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

James 4:14-17