Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A lovely lunch at Marla's

Marla is one of the young people that attends the church in San Juan. Saturday her family invited us over for lunch at their house.

This is Marla's mama. Next to her is their woodburning stove, where our meal was cooked.

Here is some of the group that was there:

Left to right: Marla's mom; her sister Dora; friend's mom; friend whose name I can't remember; Marla; and another older sister who cooked our delicious meal.

Johanna's digging in!

We had chicken that reminded me of a Guatemalan dish called Pepian, but it wasn't exactly that. I would call it Chicken and Broccoli Yum!

We enjoyed the Guatemalan hospitality. Casual, comfortable, and so friendly...

And look what Jillian, our animal-lover, caught:

This little pigeon flew down to the patio, Jillian cornered it and caught it, and it seemed perfectly happy to come home with her!


Anonymous said...

I love reading about your work. I am an MK (now married and in the States). I attend Worth Baptist Church. The last night of the Missions Conference-the candlelight service-you asked me if I had any words of advice for you and I said "Be Thankful". God bless in your service for Him.

Damara Poledna

Nina in Portugal said...

I just loved this post. Everything was so interesting. I would have been afraid to take a picture of my food though....I'd be afraid I'd offend...sometimes I worry too much about those kinds of things. But I'm so glad you did! It looked like a lot of fun and I noticed the Pepsi on the table. We have coke and pepsi, but that's it. I'd love a Diet Dr. Pepper!!

Tammy said...

How awesome it is for your kids to get to experience in great detail another culture. People not involved in ministry life do not understand how your church family and those you are trying to minister to become your family and help with the lonlies (is that a word?). Were it not for them, I imagine it would be so much harder to be on the mission field or in a church hundreds of miles from where you grew up.