Friday, April 24, 2009

Food on Fridays ~ Making Butter

We get fresh cream from the dairy farm down the road, and our favorite thing to make with it is fresh butter. Recently, they gave us a really good price on a big bucket of cream, so we whipped up several pounds of butter and stocked our freezer! This is how we make it:

A good old-fashioned butter churn would be more picturesque, but since we don't have one we use my stand mixer. We put the cream into the bowl and beat at high speed for a few minutes. How much time it takes depends on how heavy the cream is. This time, it only took a minute or two, but with "milkier" cream, it can take up to fifteen minutes.

Once the butter fat has separated from the buttermilk (it will sound sloshy in the mixer or churn), we stop the mixer and pour off the liquid, patting the butter to squeeze out drops of buttermilk. (We save all the buttermilk for making pancakes or biscuits.) At this point, Caroline Ingalls would rinse the butter in cold water. This makes it keep longer. But we have a freezer, so we skip that part...

Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. salt to the butter (depending on how much you have) and mix again. Then press the butter into a mould of some sort. We line the mould with plastic wrap with which to wrap the butter up for storage.

Since this was not for immediate consumption, it went into a paper bag and then to the freezer.

What's great about making our own butter:

** Our children know how butter is made.

** We know what's in it, that the cream was fresh and hormone-free.

** It is as salted (or un-salted) as we want it.

** It's fun to make our own!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Addendum ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Making Butter From Your Cream

You may have never come across such a good deal on cream as we did. However, I'm sure you have seen great deals on certain grocery items, especially produce and perishables, that were hard to pass up. Well, don't pass them up! If it is something that you can use, then buy it and "make butter".

Those bananas that are half-black and sacked up for quick sale at a fraction of the regular price? Buy them, take them home and peel them. Freeze them in plastic containers or Ziploc bags in portions that are just right for your favorite Banana Nut Bread recipe. "Make butter"!

Found marked-down yogurt a little past its freshness date? It's likely still good, but needs to be consumed quickly, or frozen... Hmmm, frozen yogurt pops, anyone? "Make butter"!

Onions and peppers can be chopped and stored in the freezer, ready for your recipes. Broccoli and other veggies a little past their prime may not be good for eating raw, but are still fine for steaming and putting into soups. "Make butter"!

They don't just put items on sale for the freshness date, but also for other reasons, such as overstocking the item. If it is something that your family will use, then stock up! Change up your weekly menu a bit to accommodate the goodies you found, and freeze what you do not use.

..."Make butter"!


Elizabeth said...

I think you can use heavy cream from the grocery store to make butter, but you wouldn't save much money if any. If I had come across a great deal, I certainly would have taken advantage of butter making too!

"We know what's in it..."That's where it's at, right? :-D

Tereza said...

that sounds so easy and fun!

Elizabeth said...

Well, I had to come back your read your addendum. :-)

I love to make as much as I can homemade, but something that I forget is about markdowns. I guess because it may require me to think outside the box? Or maybe I have to alter my menu plan? Who knows. But it's something that I'm going to have to keep my eye out for. Great deals are everywhere.

Your comment was so sweet! Thank you!!

David, Amy, & Sophie said...

I buy my chickens and farmer's cheese from a fellow in San Juan. He brings them to sell, here. I too have heard that maybe market prices over there are a little lower than here in Xela? I still struggle some with market prices - though I can do it now, and save money. At first though, those market ladies charged me higher than grocery store prices!! it's hard to stay on top of what everything SHOULD cost to know how much to be willing to pay!

Tammy said...

Yeah, they do try to give you the special Gringa price at first, LOL! There is an unwritten rule in the market: You ask how much. They tell you. Then you ask for the lowest price, and they'll give you their real price. ;o)

If you go often, they get used to seeing you and will realize that you're one of the locals now.

Tereza said...

your addendum gave me some great ideas! Thanks!

Tammy said...

I'm suddenly in the mood to make butter! LOL Thanks for the subliminal work! ha ha ha Thanks also for the other tips for storing up on foods.

Bro. Daniel said...

I love to find deals on sale! This is one of the reasons why my wife is so creative...OUT OF NECESSITY! Tammy never knows what I might bring home.

Thanks Tammy for being so Creative!

Your DH