Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking a walk before it rains

Rainy season has finally come to our side of the mountains, and everything is greening up.

The neighbors have done their planting, and the thirsty earth is grateful for the soft rains the Lord has sent.

The promise of a corn harvest...

Pumpkin sprouts in our back yard...

This cutie is in my back yard, too. :o)

A pretty something-or-other nearby. I do not know what these are!

The clouds start to gather around 2 o'clock each afternoon. They don't look like much at first but when we see them, we know it will be raining within the hour.

I love the comfortable, predictable rhythm of rainy season.


Tereza said...

The country side htere is so different!~what does your house look like?
The puppy is adorable:)

Tracy said...

My neighbor gave me some of those flowers several years ago. They are quite fun to watch as they change colors: yellow, orange, red. We call them Red Hot Poker as they look like they're glowing hot! they're also called Torch Lilies, but the proper name is Kniphofia uvaria.

Tammy said...

Enjoyed the pics. I felt so peaceful just viewing them.

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed seeing your nice pictures.

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. You are right! God has everything under control and is working out a house for us and our Colombian visas too!

Have a super weekend in Jesus!

Bro. Daniel said...

Praise the Lord! Although the rainy season is so predictable, God answered my prayers to allow me to move the rafters for our room. As a matter of fact it didnt rain until I had my last board in my hands!

Also, for those looking at the pictures, the field is in front of our house and the picture was taken from the roof. The Crops are behind our house, on the southeastern side, also taken from the roof.

And the pumpkin seeds are the real deal. Seeds we pulled out of our stateside imported pumpkin I bought at the grocery sale which I got with a gift certificate.

When ever I see my wife with the camera I know that there is a new post in the works for us all to enjoy.


Dani Joy said...

oh I love your puppy! Does he really fit in your hand like that? What´s his/her name?
I wish our climate was more predictable. Some days we don´t know what to wear.
I love the music you have on you blog! I played it while I said good night to the boys tonight. :)
It was easier to let the blog music play than putting a cd in. jeje.

Rebekah said...

It has been unusually rainy here in Texas the past couple of weeks...We dont mind. We need the rain as well!

Tammy said...

Tereza - I'll try to post a pic of my house soon. It's made of cinderblocks and it's kinda boxy!

Tracy - OH, so they're Torch Lilies! Thanks!

Dani Joy - Our one little Dachshund puppy just started wandering out of the dog house last week. She thinks she's vicious, and has the tiniest growl and bark, lol. We haven't named her yet.

Rebekah - Glad y'all are getting some rain! I know how dry it can get up there.