Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trip to the Market

My big girls went with me to the market today. I was glad they came with me, because we carried all this home:

Potatoes (2 lbs), strawberries (2 lbs), chopped mixed veggies (2 lbs), cauliflower, peas (2lbs, shelled), onions, carrots (12), cucumbers, farmer's cheese (2 lbs), avocados, squash, tomatoes (2 lbs), and lettuce. For all that I paid Q85.50, which is right about $10. How does this compare to prices where you live?

I'm so glad the fresh fruits and veggies are so economical here! I'm thankful for our market. :o)


Tereza said...

that would be about $30 or so where I live:)
Just found your blog:) I love missionary blogs!

Elizabeth said...

Going off of memory here, but I buy anything fresh that I can, so the prices are pretty familiar:

Potatoes, russet - $4 for 5 lb bag
strawberries - $2 for 1 lb
cauliflower - $1.50 per head
peas, fresh, shelled from farmer's market - you can get them for dirt-cheap if you get them frozen from where or whenever. But if you get pretty ones like those, I'd say $5 to $7 depending on where you get it. $5 being they're probably old and he needed to get rid of them and $6-$7 being more typical.
onions - I've only on rare occasion found pretty onions with tops at the mega-mart. That's more of a farmer's market item where I live. But a 5 lb bag of boring, no-top, who-knows-how-old onions run about $3.50.
carrots - I think a 2 lb bag of the long kind like you have there (as opposed to the more convenient "baby" carrots) run about $2
cucumbers - about $1 each
farmer's cheese - bought a wedge of hoop cheese Monday from a farmer's market. It made by a local Amish-owned company and was fresh, handmade, used locally raised milk and it was $7. It weighed 1 lb, 5 oz.
tomatoes - Pretty Roma (plum-type) tomatoes like you have there I usually wait and get from our garden, but the big globe sort run near $1.50 to $1.75 per lb...but just one of those weighs near a pound
lettuce - I don't often buy iceburg and I think that's what you have there. I think iceburg lettuce is between $1 - $2 depending on the season.

The avocados and squash I'm honestly not really sure. I never buy squash because we get so much from the garden and avocados I just don't care for. I think it's because I've just never had a good avocado recipe. All I've ever had is cheap guacamole dip! I wish I knew better what to do with them because they are SO good for you!

Let's see, if I bought all that stuff here, I would expect to pay $40 to $50. That's taking into consideration you've got really nice produce that was actually cared for and didn't come from a factory.

The cheese is what really got me. I just went Monday and would have to pay over $10 for 2 lb of non-factory cheese. Fresh shelled peas would also be pretty high. Mr. American gardener would have to shell, pick through and bag them himself and he would probably want to be well paid for his time.

Can you get red or yellow bell peppers at your market? It seems like they are so expensive here.

(Can you believe how long this comment is?! Wasn't I thorough? :-P )

Tammy said...

Glad to have you around, Tereza! :o)

Tammy said...

Elizabeth, your hoop cheese sounds so delicious! I do miss some things... ;o) This cheese we buy is a soft, fresh cheese that crumbles. Reminds me of ricotta, but with a stronger "dairy" flavor. And it comes wrapped in corn husks.

Yep, that is iceberg lettuce. I usually buy green or red leafy lettuce, but couldn't find any this time!

That's great that you have a garden! Can't beat homegrown produce. We'll be planting one pretty soon, too, I hope!

Tammy said...

That is amazing! Like I have told Tori in Croatia, I love how God allows so many perks on the mission field. I believe He does it just because of the sacrifices made to go.

Tori said...

wow, talk about a good deal, I'm guessing all that stuff would cost around $20 and I bet ours isn't as fresh as yours.

Bro. Daniel said...

Tammy forgot to mention to you all, i think, that we live in a farming community. In the bigger city, i think we would pay more.

I did go down to a coffee plantation yesterday and the owner has avocados, macadamia trees, coffee, bananas, and even has some "DEER" on his plantation....So I am really hoping to go down there and pick some of all that up as I am invited. I am pretty sure that we wont pay much if anything for the majority of this stuff when it is in season.