Friday, July 17, 2009

Food on Fridays ~ Scrumptious Oatmeal

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Getting back to Scrumptious Oatmeal, but posting a photo which will evoke more appropriate olfactory memories...

(much better...)

Maybe you wouldn't normally put the word "scrumptious" before "oatmeal". But be it ever so humble, oatmeal doesn't have to be boring!

Because it is so nutritious and CHEAP, we eat it for breakfast a few times a week, which could get monotonous were it not for a few tricks which I will share forthwith.

Method #1: Put your pan on to heat, adding a heaping spoonful of butter to melt. When melted, add your measured oats and stir to coat with butter. Continue stirring, allowing the oats to toast until you smell the wonderful aroma filling your kitchen and making your stomach growl. Then add the measured water and salt. Stir and cook until done.

Method #2: Cook the oats according to directions, then add one or two cubed bananas, a little vanilla, and a handful of chopped nuts, and brown sugar. Banana Nut Bread in a Bowl!

Method #3: Melt butter in your pan, then throw in a peeled, cored, and chopped apple. Saute the apple pieces until they soften, then add the oats, water and salt. Cook until the oats are done, then add cinnamon and brown sugar to taste.

Note: Packages of oatmeal always instruct you to boil the water, then add the oats. I've always wondered why? I end up with lumpy oatmeal when I do that, no matter how furiously I stir while adding the oats to boiling water. So I stir the oats into cold water, then bring it to a boil. Works for me!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm....that does sounds good, and I have a big tub of raw oats I bought to make granola. I like your instructions to toast them--I'm going to try this on a nice, slow summer morning.

Elizabeth said...

That sounds so fantastic! I'm not usually one who's much on oatmeal. Great ideas to spice it up. I'll definitely give this a try.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Happy Friday! Love the idea of making this for a Sunday brunch. I hope you’ll stop by my Friday Feast link/recipe exchange and share this recipe.