Monday, May 26, 2008

Daniel's birthday!

Yes, we are finally concluding our Family Birthday Month of May! :o) Daniel's birthday actually landed on Sunday, which was Dia De La Familia at the church in San Juan. (Details about that on our ministry blog.)

Today, the day after his actual birthday, was dubbed Daniel's Birthday Cake Day. And every year by the time we get to his birthday, we are all birthday caked-out and ready for something different. Like meatloaf, you say? Well, not THAT different. He loves cheesecake, so that's what I make him.

And he feels sooooo loved. :o)

You notice there's no bitsy, dainty pie-sized cheesecake here. No sir, the rest of us want a piece, too! I make the big one, and we're almost certain to have enough to go around. ;o)

The children all adore their Daddy and shower him with lots of attention, especially for his birthday. Jessica made him a special little frame with her picture, and on the frame she wrote, "Has any other girl a father like mine? So loving, so tender to his daughter. I thank God for you, Daddy!"

If you know Daniel, then you know that he is always serving, always lending a hand where help is needed.

He is a man who is comfortable wearing a suit and tie...

...But is just as comfortable in his work clothes, getting his hands dirty.

He'll try just about anything...once.

If it works, he'll do it again. If it doesn't, he chalks it up to experience!

He even delivers babies.

What a man! I love him!

Happy birthday, Sweetie!


Tori said...

Oh wow, Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

That was a nice tribute Tammy.
Btw, did I miss it or did you say how old Daniel was?

Tammy said...

Daniel is 32. :o)

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel! What a fun month to celebrate. Hope all is going well with the church construction.