Saturday, May 17, 2008

Congratulations, Bro. Jimmy!

This weekend a very important event took place. Our good friend and brother, Jimmy Frazier, graduated from Bible College! He has worked so hard over the years to support his family, keeping his wife at home and his children getting a Christian education, while he studied. We are very proud of them all, and pray God's blessings on them as they take the next steps in their ministry for Christ.

Bro. Frazier is called to pastor. Please pray for him as he seeks God's will. He will be preaching Sunday at a Baptist church in East Texas, to see if the Lord wants to use him there.

God bless you Bro. Jimmy, Christy, Bridgette, Brian and Caleb. We love you!


Tori said...

Wow I didn't realize Bro. Jimmy was almost finished. Wow I bet Christy is so excited, what a weight off. Now the fun begins. I remember when your actually in college it's the hardest but really it's when you finish that the "fun" begins.

I'm excited for them! Thanks for sharing!