Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend miscellaneous

We have had some really cloudy days. It looks like it's trying to rain, and it is quite too early for rainy season! Makes the landscape around our house look as cool as it is - between 50 and 60 degrees F.

Our neighbors are all getting their fields ready for the next planting. The cool weather is nice when they're hard at work outdoors.

But I have a cozy little indoor nook for these babies! Jessica and I planted tomato seeds back in November.

I am dreaming of big, ripe, juicy, homegrown tomatoes!

We have had a couple of sick-o's in the house. Poor little J.B. and Joel have that upper-respiratory-snotty-nose-headache-sniffly-sneezy misery going on. It has passed among most of us, and hopefully is on its last leg.

Nothing some home remedies and snuggle-love won't take care of. :o)

Speaking of love, Daniel got pretty creative with the pancake batter the other day...

What would you call this, pancake art? Batter splatter?

Nothing says "I love you," like pancakes...

...Unless it's cheesecake, which is my hubby's treat of choice. I made him one for Valentine's Day, and let me tell you, my search for the perfect recipe is over. This one was smooth, creamy, toe-curling, cheesy goodness! Maybe I'll share the recipe for my Food on Fridays post this week. I have to make it again, since I didn't take a photo of the last one. ;o)

I hope you all are having a blessed week!


Dani Joy said...

Hi, Tammy, sorry to hear your little ones are sick. Totally relate! That is very artistic pancake splatter art! How fun and thoughtful.
It looks very dry there! Like you all might be in need of some rain soon. :)
How long is your rainy season? It´s been raining here almost all winter. We praised the Lord for a sunny clear but cold day today!
Blessings, sister.

Elizabeth said...

Praying for the little ones. Amazing how far that snuggle-love home remedy will go!

Bro. Daniel has a pretty amazing talent with his pancake art. I was impressed. Your husband like cheesecake; mine loves ginger snaps, which I made for his Valentine's gift. I tried the recipe new this year. It was complete with homemade crystallized ginger, fresh ground ginger and ginger-sugar topping. He loved it.

Tammy said...

Hello Dani Joy,
It is pretty dry right now. Rainy season usually goes from April to October. Everything is so lush and green then!

Elizabeth, those ginger snaps sound absolutely scrumptious!

Thank you for your prayers for the little ones. Most of us are doing pretty good today, but poor baby Joel still suffers. :o(

Anonymous said...

We've been watching the clouds too...
"do you think it really could rain?". For a bit I thought it really might just do it!
I have not spent time looking at your studies yet. Part of me fears the time I will need to put into it when I discover something you bring out that will cause me to need to to rethink! Silly. What better thing could I do with my time? I constantly struggle balancing the "must dos and now!" of running a household with the must dos, but not so urgent tasks - mending, bible study, etc etc etc. We drive to Guate tomorrow to pick up some friends and their 1 yr old baby. I know it will be an encouraging visit.


Nina in Portugal said...

Batter splatter....too funny!!

I used to write the kids names with pancake batter...and of course...just the abc', hearts...anything really. But they'd eat them as fast as I could make them...those mornings took forever before everyone was full!