Friday, February 6, 2009

Food on Fridays

Friday is almost gone, and I am just now remembering to do my Food on Fridays post!

Today I am featuring the steak that Daniel brought home recently.

Meet T-Bone:

If you think it looks a little fresh, you're right.

T-Bone still has some growing to do, so these city-slickers-turned-ranchers are learning how to fatten him up. If you have any pointers, I am all ears!

He has just learned to eat grass, and we also give him feed. We have told the children that T-bone is not a pet, and named him carefully to remind us of that.

Just have to be careful not to look at those big, sweet, brown eyes with the long lashes...


Dani Joy said...

Oh man you mean you bought him to fatten him up and then eat him??? OOO that will be hard for the kidos. don´t think I could even do that. He is soo cute! I know though you will have to be practical about it. Do you have a field for him?

When I was in Guatemala at the age of 16 I stayed in the capital with some more new evangelical missionaries. (not what I would choose now)but it was during this trip that I saw missions as an every day living with the people. Not a romantic missions trip. It was work and we were with the people more. I really look back at that time as when the Lord helped me see the real personal side of Missions. I really thought the Lord was calling me to Guatemala but those missionaries never responded to my letter asking if I could work with them for a time. (God designed and orchestrated) I don´t think the letter ever reached them. The Man God had prepared and selected for me had a burden for Spain. I know now God had been preparing me all along to work in the country of Spain. How is your mission work coming along? Do you have a church established? I remember the people being reseptive and warm. Are they still?

Tori said...

Okay now that was funny. I can't believe that you guys are going to eat that cute little guy.
Oh well, glad I'm not there!

Tammy said...

LOL! Tori, don't worry, he'll be big and ugly by the time we eat him. ;op

Tammy said...

Dani, the people here are generally friendly and receptive... sometimes too receptive, meaning they agree with you just to be polite! We share the gospel the best we know how, and ask the Holy Spirit to do His work.

We have started a new mission in a town about 20 minutes from our house. It is heavily Catholic, and we are the intruders. Pray for us!

Ann Kroeker said...

I'll post your link right now--people will enjoy meeting the little guy who will one day be your dinner.

My dad raised beef cattle. One time he bought a bull that came to us already named. Unfortunately, it was the same name as my brother. And unfortunately, the bull had to be butchered at some point. You can imagine some awkward dinnertime conversations...