Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Girls and Modesty

Well, my eldest daughter will be twelve this year. Last year she started to - umm, develop - and I'm trying not to PANIC! She has a very lovely, womanly shape already, and let me tell you I am more thoughtful of what she wears now than ever.

It occurs to me that T-shirts and other knit tops are no longer modest for her, unless worn underneath her dresses and jumpers. Why? Because those knit shirts show her form. Already. Before she is really even developed.

So now we are looking for tops that do not cling, but hang loosely down in the front, and do not fit closely.

Also, her skirts and dresses must not be made of a stretchy/clingy material (such as knit). Knits are for toddlers, ha ha.

My girls are such beautiful treasures! I want to teach them by example and by what clothes I buy or make for them, that the body is beauty to be concealed, and never exposed to the eyes of the general public.

I guess I'm a little nervous, yet excited as I recall the giddiness I felt when I was that age! I sense a peace and protection toward my modestly-dressed girls. Their fair skin and soft blond hair draws enough attention already. The LAST thing I want to do is to draw attention to their bodies by allowing them to dress immodestly. They are too precious, too sweet, too holy for putting on display so cheaply.


Tammy said...

Tammy, More women should be concerned with this idea. I wish I'd have had the standards I have now when my kids were little. I am constantly growing more conservative and believe, modest in my own dress. It is so hard to find modest clothing in the stores these days - the world is all about tight and skimpy! - Even with the over-weight society we live in today. I am ready to start sewing again soon! Hope you keep blogging - I've missed you! Facebook is not as enjoyable to me.

Ms. Nancy said...

Thank you Ms. Tammy for the wonderful testimony of the godly way to dress young ladies.

Pamela Cassada said...

I can only imagine the difficulty these days in clothing daughters. I have 6 granddaughters ranging from 13 to 4 and I hear it is very hard to buy clothing that is appropriate. I sure am glad you know how to sew! Hang in there you are doing a fantastic job. You are a great example of the Proverbs 31 woman. God bless!

Penny said...

I have been reading your blog today, and it was this entry that particularly stayed with me. I am curious as to why you see t-shirts as immodest for your daughter while she develops, as to most people, they are seen as being one of the more modest items of clothing? In no way is this question meant as an judgement, I am simply curious, because it is different from my experience.

Tammy said...

Penny, I do not see T-shirts as modest outer wear for any girl that has any form. T-shirts and other knit garments (such as certain types of sweaters) do not drape down from body parts, but they cling to and stretch over the form, which is not modest. Now, we still have T-shirts in our house, but they are used as undergarments, as in, under jumpers or under button-up shirts to add a layer. Thank you for commenting! :)