Monday, February 22, 2010

Picnic on the Mountain

The sun touched the top of the mountain almost an hour ago, and daylight is nearly spent. I am just sitting here, pondering the wonderful day we had!

After a good breakfast (everybody's favorite: pancakes), there was school all morning with my firstborn, whose object is to finish as rapidly as possible so she can devour another book of her choosing; my overachiever who wants to do MORE than her assigned lessons for the day; my son who says he can't read but when he focuses his mind on it, zips through a whole paragraph with very few mistakes; and my littlest student, for whom school is just a fun game.

At lunch time we all piled into the truck and headed out for a mountainside picnic, as per Daddy's suggestion. What an awesome school principal! ;o)

We drove up a road so steep I think all the color drained from my face. (Thank the Lord for four-wheel drive!)

We found a nice spot, ate our lunch, and then played and climbed around. The children collected all sorts of goodies from the forest, and some got their hands all sticky with fragrant tree sap. (I love that smell!)

Jessica's colorful collection looks good enough to eat!

(That's baby Jeannette, sleeping through it all.)

The sun was warm, the breeze delicious, and we were surrounded by God's creation to enjoy to the fullest! It was lovely.

Driving down the mountain was not as scary as driving up had been. Three of the children fell asleep on the drive home, and the rest of us needed a nap by then.

Slept pretty hard myself. ;o)

Baby Jeannette awakened from her nap ready to nurse. She is such a sweet, smiley baby, and a delight to her mama. Then we folded some diapers, did some general straightening around the house, and now it is supper time.

Today was just so refreshing! I felt the face of Jehovah shining down on us like the sunshine. Tomorrow may not be so perfect, and things might go "wrong". But a day like today reinforces my joy in the knowledge that God cares for us. I just wanted to share it with you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your day with us all, Tammy. May God bless you and your family!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

You have such a lovely family. That looked like fun! Oh btw, WHERE are you that you look so warm in the middle of February??? lol

Tammy said...

Oh, that sounded so serine! I could use a day like that after my past three weeks! Thanks for sharing cuz I closed my eyes after reading and pictured it!