Saturday, July 5, 2008


This is me, taking Oscar and Canela out for a walk. Correction: Oscar runs, leaps, rolls, and gambols; Canela walks, but only because I've got her on a leash, and I'm walking. She keeps that leash pretty tight. Have you ever seen horses released from the starting gates at a horse race? That's Oscar and Canela when we open the yard gate to take them out. Check out Oscar on the left.

Here's a closer look:

That dawg is airborne!

Do you see the look of grim determination on his doggy face? That's because he has one thing on his mind:

Not the cute little boys, but the flock of unsuspecting sheep behind them.

Our dogs are sheepdog wannabe's.

"Bring 'em home, Lassie!"


Tammy said...

How cute!

Selah said...

I love the lambie picture... You should have your own little finca.