Monday, June 30, 2008

House keeping

This is a funny anecdote I found that I can really relate to..

Unexpected guests were on the way, and my mother, an impeccable housekeeper, rushed around straightening up. She put my father and brother to work cleaning the guest bathroom. Later, when she went to inspect it, she was surprised that the once-cluttered room had been tidied up so quickly. Then she saw the note on the closed shower curtains. It read "Thank you for not looking in the bathtub."

...I gotta remember that! :oD


Tori said...

Very funny Tammy. I can relate. Johnny is always glad when guests come so the house gets the royal treatment and I take all those things out of the tub!!

Nina in Portugal said...

You husband is always springing on me...."oh and so is coming for dinner tonight.." He knows I don't mind having folks over for dinner's the house that always gets me. So I too, fly through the house and if I have to...hide things in the tub....but the note was a very clever idea!

Tammy said...

The ironic thing is that the sign could actually make people wonder what's behind the curtain, and take a peek. Human nature, you know!

We don't use the shower that's in our bathtub, and so did away with the curtain. No hiding place now, lol!