Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip to town

We had such a nice excursion to Xela today, on account of some business Daniel needed to attend to. There is a nice mall there, with a food court that features Dominoes Pizza, Torta Loca (I know you've never heard of that one), Burger King, Subway, Pollo Campero, Chinito Veloz (the "Quick Little China man" - that name cracks me up!), and TACO BELL, where we bought our lunch.

(Oops - you can only see Johanna's hair sprig over Joseph's left ear... Oh, and Joel's nose and cheek next to Jessica's elbow... Okay, so we didn't get everybody in this one.)

After the business was taken care of, we headed for home, stopping along the way at a new nursery we spotted. They had some beautiful flowers and shrubs, and I liked the variety of herbs available. We picked up a rosemary plant, and a spearmint for about two bucks apiece - a steal! Nearby was a nice backdrop for a photo. Aproveche!

Then on to San Juan. We pass some pretty scenery on our way home, that I think you will enjoy...

Planted fields and mountainside.

I wonder where this road leads to?

A nice, shady house. I imagine it's a bit on the cool side.

HEY - how'd this pic get in there? This is the not-so-pretty entrance to San Juan, the little town we go through to get to our house. It looks a lot prettier from a distance, as you see below...

This is the view of San Juan from our house (which is on the left). I love our peaceful little corner of Guatemala! It's always good to come home.


Tori said...

Okay so I have a question...If you have a Taco Bell, Dominoes and Burger King in Guatemala are you guys really on the mission field??

Loved looking at the pictures, kids are getting so big, beutiful family!!

Tammy said...

Every mission field has its blessings along the way :o) But I really enjoy the natural beauty and mysterious history of Guatemala more than its restaurants! And did you notice that neat old adobe house behind us??

Shelley said...

I remember eating at Taco Bell with you =-). It was fun! Sounds like you had a fun day. Jessica and Jillian look like they are gaining on you fast. Soon they will be taller than you =-). What big girls they are now.

Tammy said...

What beautiful pics! I enjoy seeing yours because I haven't ever had a missionary from there come through one of the churches I was in. I always enjoy seeing pics from the different mission fields. From the pic of your house, it appears that it is not a real long drive to San Juan. Is that right? If so, you get to have the best of both worlds - seclusion and nearby stores. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

Yes, in San Juan there is an open-air market for fruits and veggies, and we also buy eggs here.

Dry goods are generally purchased at the big stores in Quetzaltenango, which is where we went. :o)