Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guess who came to visit?

First Alma blew into town from the Pacific. She stuck around for a few days, then left in the night. But right on her tail, Arthur blew in from the Caribbean, and it seemed to us (right in the middle of it all) that it was all one big rainy party!

That's Mexico on the left, the Yucatan Peninsula at the top, and Guatemala in the center.

Five or six days is a long time for the children to be couped up in the house, so whenever the rain would let up, we'd run outside and play for a little while.

There were some new creatures to investigate...

This was one of the itsy-bitsy toads. At night, his HUGE brothers and sisters and cousins and the occasional GRANDPAPPY toad, are all over the place. Also...

This fellow dropped in for a visit. I think it's a heron, and we don't see these too often up here in the mountains. I'm pretty sure he's on his way north for a Florida vacation.

I've been out to check on my garden, which seemed close to flooding, but we built up the beds enough that the plants are still high and ...well, not dry, but not floating away, either! :o)


Tori said...

Wow Tammy, thank God there weren't any mud slides or floods. The rain is good,we sure could use it here. We're also getting tons of rain, for days now.

The frog is cute!