Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Memory

We recently lost a sweet friend and church member, Teodora "Lola" Ical, as I posted on our other blog. Daniel was privileged to preach her funeral the day after she passed away, and he was able to get to know more of the family that way.

The family told Daniel that it is customary to have a memorial service nine days after the death, and again forty days later, and that they wanted him to officiate those memorial services as well.

We learned that the nineth day and fortieth day memorials are a Mayan practice. It is supposed that on those days the spirit of the departed will die if not remembered. But Daniel will take any opportunity to preach the gospel, so preach he did.
I zoomed in on this a little, hoping you can see the glass of water to the left of Lola's photo. That's another custom. It's for the spirit of the deceased, who is supposed to be present during the service. I got a little shocker when I looked over about the end of the service, and noticed that the level of water in the glass was a little - but noticeably - lower than before we started!

...Then as I stared at it, I realized the water was hot, and that little bit had vaporized.

Please say a prayer for Lola's family right now, that many will see the truth and will receive Christ as Saviour.


Tori said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your lose. I know how hard it can be to preach a funeral for a brother or sister in Christ when their entire family is lost, well not personally but I've watched Johnny do it. :0)

I was going to ask about the water, good thing I read on. The hot water trick is a bit deceitful isn't it.

Hope you'll soon see some fruit from this womans life and death coming around.

Anyhow, again sorry Tammy.

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm so very sorry for your lose, but thankful for the opportunity to share the Gospel.

How strange about the water....