Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Our firstborn, Jessica Faith, just turned ten years old. Her name means rich faith, and our prayer is that her faith in God will continue to grow richer and richer as the years go by.

Here are ten things I love about my Jessica:

1. She loves and serves her Dad and Mom with a smile on her face.

2. She is a sweet big sister to her brothers and sisters, helping them with their needs.

3. She helps take care of the baby, and delights in doing so.

4. She is very intelligent, and learns so quickly in school.

5. She is a true princess at heart, a daughter of the King.

6. She keeps her bed neat and tidy.

7. She is so creative, and is good at sewing and fixing things.

8. She dances when she does housework.

9. She talks to her Mom openly and honestly.

10. She has a lovely singing voice, and uses it to honor Christ.

I love you, sweet girl! Happy Birthday!


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, to your lovely young daughter. I have a daughter who will be ten in April of next year. How swiftly the years go by!
What a blessing to have such a sweet daugher! God Bless!

Annette said...


Tori said...

Wow 10 years old already! She sure is a sweet little girl the perfect mix between mom and dad.

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Nina in Portugal said...

Happy Birthday're a beautiful young lady!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was as special as you. May God continue to use you for His glory in the future! All the way from Cuba, Missouri!