Monday, November 10, 2008

FOR TODAY Monday, November 10...

Outside my window... it is foggy and cool. The fog will burn off in an hour or so, and then it will likely be clear and sunny enough to dry my laundry :o)

I am thinking... about my daughter who is feeling ill. She will need some special attention today.

I am thankful for... the lights that came back on after blinking off early this morning.

From the learning rooms... we are doing a week's work in a day, and the girls are loving it, and are looking forward to finishing sooner so they can enjoy Vacation Bible School.

From the kitchen... Jessica will be making banana bread all by herself. She is becoming such the little homemaker!

I am wearing... a brown floral jumper, and pink slippers.

I am creating... a blue plaid jumper. Just lacks some handstitching on the inner liner, then a hem.

I am going... for a walk outside as soon as it is warm enough.

I am reading... Isaiah from the Bible, and also Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot.

I am hoping... to get to the mending today. My children are rough on their clothes, and that mending pile is growing!

I am hearing... little ones stirring upstairs - too early :o)

Around the house... are the signs of a busy weekend and Lord's Day. We'll be catching up today on housework, setting things straight again.

One of my favorite things... right now is our family closet. I'm still enjoying the novelty of folding up and putting away almost all of the laundry in one place!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Joel's first birthday is Friday. We are also going to meet with the mayor of La Esperanza for dinner. (We still need to find a babysitter for that.)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny and windy day, and Joseph begged me to help him fly his kite. I was reluctant because I just can't make kites fly, but he persisted. I finally gave in and went outside, held up the kite for the wind to catch, and he took off running with the string... And wouldn't you know, that kite took to the wind as smoothly as a sailboat? I was as delighted as my little boy was.


Nina in Portugal said...

I love Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot!! I need to read that book again! We bought several copies and gave them out to the ladies at our church one time!!

Tereza said...

I enjoyed this peek into our day!