Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey on the brain

There were some really nice turkeys at the store in Xela. They were a bit expensive (about $3.00/lb) but it was worth it, since the alternative is to butcher and clean one myself! (I've done chickens before, and would prefer to never have to do that again. Another story.)

We got a big one, since we're having a few other families over to our house on Thanksgiving Day. Here's Big Tom [before]:

He looks intimidating to me. He weighs more than my toddler. At least he won't struggle much!

We're not going to stuff this year. I read that stuffing makes the turkey come out dry, so I'm making dressing in a crockpot instead. Today we're baking pies and doing prep work for Big Tom. Here's one of my faithful kitchen assistants, toting her baby brother:

Joel finds kitchen duty soooo boring! ;o)

The girls are really getting in on the pie-making action.

These are special flour-salt-and-cream-of-tartar mini pies. (i.e. PLAY DOUGH)

I personally prefer my pie crusts with a leetle less salt, so I'd better get to it.


Tori said...

Oh Tammy, I'm have turkey-envy!

I hope you, Daniel and the kids have a wonderful Thanksgiving together and with your friends. Any friends we know?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy said...

I know, Tori! I mean, it's a Butterball!! I was amazed, too.

And, yes, I believe you know the Joneses and Flo Martin. There are also some Guatemalans coming that I'm sure you've never met.

Rebekah said...

Wow....Thats a big turkey! The biggest I could find here was 15 lbs. But of course, I waited til the day before thanksgiving! :)

Dawn said...

We stopped stuffing our turkey once we began using those Reynolds Turkey Oven Bags. It would make the stuffing soggy if we used those bags, so now we make it on the side...and enjoy a juicy turkey. :-)

Bless you!