Friday, May 29, 2009

May Birthday Photos

We sang "Feliz Cumpleaños" to the birthday people at church. Jillian accompanied on guitar. (She is becoming quite the musician!)

This is Sister Beatriz, one of the ladies who helped me serve sandwiches, chips and cake. She started coming just a few weeks ago, and just jumps right in wherever help is needed. What a blessing she is!

Here is a close-up of Jillian's cake. It was so much fun to make for her, and she really liked it. It was chocolate with cream cheese and strawberry filling. We put nine candles on her cake, Oh my!

Nine things I love and admire about our Jillian:

1) She loves the Lord, and loves to be in church.

2) She uses her voice and her music to serve God.

3) Her sweet smile.

4) Her friendly disposition.

5) She shares her things.

6) She does her schoolwork well.

7) She helps with the chores, and does especially well caring for the animals.

8) She takes a stand for righteousness, and encourages it in others.

9) She has a sweet, tender heart.

Just can't believe you're already nine years old, Honey! Happy Birthday! I love you.


My hubby's birthday was the next day, the last May birthday in the family. By the time it is his turn he is all caked-out, so he likes to have something different. Cheesecake is always a hit! (Those are peaches and kiwis on top.)

I made a huge one, because some friends of ours were there with us. They have been coming over almost every week to help Daniel work on the roof. All Daniel wants for his birthday is to finish that roof!

And now, thirty-three things I love and admire about my hubby:

1) He works hard all day, and then makes time for family fun at home. What a man!

2) He is a type-A, go-getter kinda guy. SO unlike me.

3) His smile.

4) His laugh.

5) His muscles. *sigh*

6) He loves me even when I'm unlovable.

7) He is a faithful Christian, and desires to please the Lord.

8) His preaching.

9) His singing.

10) His leadership.

11) How he plays with the children and loves to delight them.

12) The silly songs he makes up to make us laugh.

13) The new verses he adds to songs when he doesn't mean to, ha ha.

14) He's a sharp dresser.

15) He's a godly man.

16) He still does sweet things for his mom, and honors his dad.

17) He honors and respects my parents, too.

18) He brings home little presents "just because".

19) He is thankful.

20) He gives God the glory.

21) He appreciates my cooking.

22) He pitches in with the housekeeping.

23) He helps with the children.

24) Yep, he even changes diapers.

25) He is always looking for way to serve others.

26) He is willing to stop by the side of the road to help someone in need.

27) He maintains a pretty good balance between truth and mercy.

28) He is a do-it-yourself-er, and a quick learner.

29) He takes care of his family and considers our needs first.

30) He does most of the driving. There are situations when I am SO glad!

31) He delivers babies.

32) He builds roofs.

33) Sometimes he even cooks!

I know you can't believe any man could be that perfect, but he really is all that and more. I love you, Sweetie! Happy Birthday!


Bro. Daniel said...

Thanks Sweetie! I love you too! But like I said you didnt put your birthday on there! I guess I will need to do that post!


Annette and Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday Daniel an Jillian. We love and miss you very much!!!

Tammy said...

Tammy, I love how you always say what you love about your family member in the number of their ages! I think I will begin doing this too. It is a great idea and kinda helps you to count your blessings!

Tammy said...

Tammy, I can't remember where I saw it done first, but I thought it was a sweet idea. And yes, it does help me count my blessings! :o)

Jessica Coates said...

I like my mommy's cakes!mmm!and happy
birthday to;daddy,Jilly-bean, Joseph
and mommy!I love you all!!