Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Announcement

With the whirl of everything that is going on around here, I've hardly had time to think, much less blog! But in spite of the busyness, I have been taking time to lie down for a nap just about every day. It's necessary. I'm wiped out! After all, I am growing a new little one!

We expect the new arrival sometime in December.

I think this is a good time to also unveil my new blog, Curiously Wrought. I hope you will stop by and bookmark it, if you enjoy pregnant musings and discussion about natural childbirth, homebirth, and waterbirth. All that and probably a lot more will be on my mind in the next several months!

Blessings on you all, and thanks for sharing in our joy!


Persuaded said...

well, december 12 is *my* birthday, so you could aim for that birthdate;)

seriously though.. warmest wishes on your impending addition. pregnancy is always an exciting thing♥

Elizabeth said...

wow!!! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!

Congratuations on your new baby! How exciting! You know, I think we are two peas from the same pod. I have commented on other similarities we have on your blog, and now you are the ONLY other person I know who does waterbirth. I am SO thankful to have had two of our babies in water--what a wonderful pain reliever! I'll stop by your other blog, too.

Amy in MN

Tereza said...


Nina in Portugal said...

Congratulations Tammy....!


Dani Joy said...

Congratulations! Wow! You sure are a brave soul! What a blessing!
I will definitely be checking out your new blog too.
You are amazing!
Do your older ones help a lot?

Tammy said...

Yes, Dani Joy, my older girls and even my biggest boy do help quite a bit. And I'm soooo thankful for a husband who doesn't mind pitching in with the housework, when he has time! :o)

...Especially since I've been feeling pretty puny lately. :op

Joy said...

Congratulations, Tammy! How exciting. :)

Tammy said...

OOOHHH! How great! Ya'll sure know what "quiver full" means! I've heard it said that you can't be a missionary without at least 6 kids. Hope they all grow up and serve the Lord with all their hearts.

Tori said...

Oh my, I'm so happy for you all. I love they way you put it, Growing a little one, so sweet.

Christy said...

Tammy - I just stopped by to check on you and I'm so excited for you and Daniel and all of your family. Congratulations on your newest addition! December babies are wonderful :)