Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Abundant blackberries

Blackberries are abundant (read: CHEAP) this time of year in Guatemala, as I think they are right now in parts of the U.S. as well. These were so big and juicy, Daniel couldn't resist buying several pounds of them.

That is a lot of berries.

So the girls and I have been having fun in the kitchen, baking up all sorts of blackberry goodies, and popping fresh berries into our mouths as we go.

Jillian made some yummy little tarts. (They did not last long!) We also experimented with two cobbler recipes. One consisted of a batter we put into the prepared baking dish, then just dropped the berries on top. It turned out more like a cake.

Oh, but then... Then we made this:

Using this recipe.

You roll out the pastry dough, put the fruit on top, roll it up and slice it like cinnamon rolls.

If your favorite part of the cobbler is the crust, this recipe is for you! To me, if the crust isn't good, the cobbler isn't good. This one is really good!


Tori said...

Ohh Tammy, that looks yummy!
Was that part of the tea party?