Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Ten

Here is a quick report of Day Ten of the Shampoo-Free Experiment:

I waited five days again before washing my hair. It was oilier than I like to let it get, but tolerable since I wear my hair up. I expect this to happen until my scalp adjusts to the new washing schedule. The baking soda massage felt soooo good this morning, and I had really been looking forward to it. After rinsing that out, I poured vinegar onto the ends, let it stay for a minute, then rinsed again.

I wasn't sure this wash was going to work so well because of how oily my hair was, but I was once again pleasantly surprised at how well the baking soda worked! My hair came out clean, soft, and tangle-free. This is truly better than any shampoo I've ever used, no matter how much I paid for it.

I did lose as much hair as I used to when shampooing, but I attribute that to an over-zealous massage with the baking soda. (Note to self: Be gentle! lol)

I smelled a little bit of the vinegar after rinsing, but not once my hair had dried. I am using "raw" vinegar, but I think the store-bought kind would work as well.

So that's where I'm at on Day Ten! Thanks, Amy, for letting me know how you liked your baking soda wash. I'd love to hear the stories and opinions of others who try this, too! Just leave a comment.


Elizabeth said...

Okay, I'm really thinking about it more and more.

You mentioned rinsing with vinegar. It made remember back to living at home. My parents had a pool. As you probably know, chlorine + blond hair = green-tinted hair. Well, I found out that apple cider vinegar was the best for removing chlorine. I was also shocked at how soft my hair was after I rinsed with the ACV.

Who needs expensive chlorine removal shampoos when you can buy the cheap ACV?

Persuaded said...

it's fun hearing about the progress of your "experiment"...

when i was a child my mother used to rinse my hair with vinegar. i'm not sure why, but i do remember that i like the taste of the dribbles, lol (i also liked to drink pickle juice:)

Tori said...

You're a brave soul Tammy. I guess it would be easier for you since you do wear your hair up but still.

Three cheers for Tammy! Our trail blazer! It sounds pretty interesting and I don't like all the chemicals in our products either. Who knows....although I would have to wash more than every 5 days, for sure!

Are you going to continue to do this or is this just an experiment?

Oh yea one more thing...What does Daniel think about it? Does he mind the last couple days when your hair isn't oh so soft or is it not that obvious? I would be afraid Johnny would be bothered with it.

This is so interesting!