Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Special Visitors

Today two little ladies came to my door for a visit, and wanted to give me a tract. They called themselves Jehovah's Witnesses. I was not feeling well but I wanted to talk to these women, and we struck up a conversation.

Indicating their tract with a beautiful portrayal of an earthly paradise, they asked me if I would like to live in a place like that. I told them that the Lord promised me that He is preparing a place for me (John 14), and it is not here on the earth!

I asked them who Jesus is, and of course they told me that he was the Son of God (which is only half of the truth). I told them that Jesus is God in the flesh (Emmanuel - God with us), which is why He allowed people to worship Him.

I pointed out some differences in their "Nuevo Mundo" version from my older, reliable version of the Spanish Bible. Is it not strange that the Watchtower needed to create its own version in order to accommodate its doctrines? Dangerous stuff.

I could not keep them at my door much longer, but as I shared the truth, I looked them in the eye and spoke firmly but compassionately. I pray that something I said planted a seed of truth in their hearts that will lead them out of this dangerous and powerful organization.

We are called to bear the gospel to the lost in Guatemala. Some of them happen to be Jehovah's Witnesses, and they need to know the Jesus of the Bible, too!

I'm brushing up on my knowledge of how to better talk to a JW. Here are a couple of links, in case you would like to be prepared for an encounter:

How to talk Creation with a JW

Witnessing tips from an Ex-Jehovah's Witness Elder


Nina in Portugal said...

We have lots of JW's here. Our language teacher is one....they're as lost as the Catholics we came here to minister too...we sometimes don't see them as needy, but rather the enemy....wonder why that is? Maybe because usually they know what they've been taught and can debate quite well...intimidates us uneducated Baptists at times I suppose???

We need to be busy about the father's business, don't we??

Thanks for reminding me this morning.

Persuaded said...

Oh! Thank you so much for those links! we often have jw's come to our door, and i am never quite certain what to say. i usually tell them that i am very content in my faith, and in my church and that i will be praying for them. i try to be as warm and pleasant as possible, but i always end up feeling as though i should have said more, done more to help them know the truth of Jesus. i will be looking at those links later today. once again, many thanks!

Elizabeth said...

I was blessed by reading this post! We have JW's come by often. You got more time with these ladies than I get with our visitors. Once I start with anything contrary to what they believe, they start looking for a "way out." It was a blessing to see that you got a little time with them.

Tammy said...

May God bless you for taking time when you were sick and sprout the seed you planted.

Anonymous said...

We have them here also. They stand on different places with their literature or go around with their tractates. I didn't have visitors on my doorway for a long, long time.

Tori said...

I was just talking with a lady about JWs. We should see them as the lost and take every opportunity to convert them.
Good for you Tammy for taking the time to try to share Jesus with them. Who knows what that seed will do!

Dani Joy said...

Tammy, I was amazed to see that you too had visitors so close to when I posted about my visitors. Here is the post. They are so similar.. Is it true??? Great minds think alike??? Or at least Sister´s in Christ!
Love in Our Lord!