Friday, March 6, 2009

Food on Fridays

I think I might like to feature some comida típica from time to time for my Food on Fridays posts. The other day my daughters and I went to visit a neighbor who was recovering from surgery. As we sat with her, one of her older daughters came in with steaming cups of what they called pinól.

Humble as it looked, it tasted delicious, and I asked her what it was. She said it is made from toasted corn that is milled into a powder, then whisked into a pot of water. This is set to boil, sometimes with a stick of cinnamon, and sugar is added.

What you get is a delicious (and rather filling) hot drink.

She sent some of the dry meal home with me, and I made some for my husband. He says it reminds him of cream of wheat, but with a corny taste (and it's not as thick). I think the toasting of the corn is what makes it taste so good!


Tori said...

Oh Tammy, that sounds like a wonderful treat. We don't have that here but we have some other plays on the traditional. We have Zlevank which is a cake made from corn meal and fresh cheese, it's good. I like trying new things and I think I would like your pinól.
thanks for sharing!

Persuaded said...

now *that* sounds interesting! we have many migrant laborers in our area who are originally from mexico and south america. i was visiting with one family and they served me a drink made of simmered apples and cinnamon. i've never had it before or since, but your post made me think of it.... i wonder what it was and how i could make myself some. it was soooo good!

have a blessed day, my dear☺

Anonymous said...

That reminds of when I grew up in Mexico and we drank atole. I wanted to see if you would be interested in looking at the website of my brother who is still in Mexico serving in Chilpancingo. There is a picture that has my dad in it but he is in Heaven so that is an old pic.

Thank you for the work you guys do.
God bless you, Damara

Dani Joy said...

Oh I never got to try Pinól when I was there. I missed out! It sounds wonderful. Maybe a little fattening on one who is dieting though. ;)

connie said...

Dear Tammy, thank you so much for visiting my blog and especially for your sweet comment. It blessed me. connie