Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letting God Control the Womb

There were some very good, though-provoking comments on my last post, and the discussion was going to get too long, so I decided to write another post. My friend Tammy was referring to this post I think, when she said that I bring this up a lot. I don't think I post about it very much, but it is an issue that I have thought about and discussed with my husband a lot.

Her comment brought a different dimension to the discussion: What about women who have forseeable complications, especially life-threatening? I know a family (the Lockwoods) who just came through a gravely dangerous pregnancy, and both mother and baby are doing well, thank the Lord. (Their blog is in my right column under missionaries, if you are interested to read their story.) It seems that God gave them sufficient grace to get through a difficult pregnancy, and He has truly blessed them.

I realize that every situation is different. But what I truly want to have, and provoke others to have, is the mind of God on the issue. Many, many couples use birth control because they don't think they can afford to have a baby, or they have plans for their life that don't include children. Some want to "space" their children out. Some just find pregnancy uncomfortable or inconvenient. (Incidentally, the sister I mentioned in this post has never had any complications, does not even get morning sickness, and hardly knew it when she went into labor.) I am talking about couples who are married, who are Christians and say they trust God, yet they lean on their own understanding when it comes to having children.



Bro. Daniel said...

Tammy I forgot about the Lockwoods when we talked about this earlier.
It is so true...if the all know Creator Jehovah God gave a child to a couple could He not, should HE not, doesnt He know what HE is doing? I think so!
We are not the givers of Life nor the Makers of babies. He fashioned us according to His Book and Sovereign Plan.

By the way for those reading this blog...Post a comment from time to is appreciated. -Daniel

Elizabeth said...

no complications, no morning sickness, easy labor...some ladies have it so easy! (joking, joking, we're all blessed). I'd love to have 30 children if I could say that!

One of my dearest friends is nearly that way. When she went into labor with her 3rd, she didn't even know she was in labor until it was nearly too late. They tried to get to town to the hospital, but baby was crowning in the car and they had to called the EMT's!

Honestly, Satan uses my "birth" experiences often to discourage me. If I had made different decisions, would I be in the place I am now? It makes a little hole in my heart to see large families and I think what could I have done differently? But we don't know the end from the beginning and my husband and I did what we had peace with (following doctor advice and having the c-sections). I shouldn't question or doubt that.

The comment I often hear too: we can't "afford" to have a baby, is one that always baffles me. I've heard people who make 60K a year say that! Honestly, who can afford to have a baby?

btw, I don't know if I have told you how much I enjoy your blog. I found it through Donya's blog. Donya and Michael grew up in our church and went to high school with my husband. They are good friends of ours. And I remember y'all from when y'all were on deputation! I think I even still have your (very old) prayer card!