Saturday, January 10, 2009


I recently ran into an old friend that I don't get to see very often. I commented on how her four handsome little boys and one beautiful daughter are all growing. Her answer has been bugging me ever since. She said she was glad they were growing in height, but not in number.

While that seemed at first to be a witty response, the more I thought about it the sadder it was to me.


Tori Leslie said...

When we were first called to be missionaries we decided that three children filled out quiver but now that we are older we regret not having more. We realize that we missed out on many a blessing and shorted ourselves by not trusting God to take care of our situations.

Now that I'm facing my first born going off to college in a year or so I'm really wishing we had had more children but God is good and we love the ones we have.

Have a great week Tammy!

dottywotty said...

we love your family! it's just the right size...the one the Lord wants it to be. our quiver is definitely full; it's just the right size the Lord wanted ours to be! i'm with you, Tammy, it gets a little discouraging when those with larger families are the "odd" ones! Praise the Lord for a home full of children!!!!

Unknown said...

Tori, your story is not new. I am hearing that from a lot of people.

Personally, I think God's people should be having as many children as He will give them, and raising them for Him!