Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Anniversary blessings

My Sweetheart and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage!

We met at a summer camp when we were teenagers, and over the next few years kept in touch long-distance through letter writing and occasional phone calls.

After high school, the Lord led each of us to the same Bible College. Three semesters later we married, and through all the ups and downs since then, it has been wonderful to be the wife of my Love.

This song that was sung at our wedding was just perfect for us:

"Yours Forever", by Ron Hamilton

When the sun is shining bright,
I'll be yours forever!
When you face the darkest night,
We will face it together.

Through the good times I'll be there,
Clinging warmly to your hand.
When there's no one else to care,
I'll be there to understand.

Yours forever, Only yours,
I'll be yours forever!
Yours forever, Only yours,
God has brought us together.

On the wings of love you came,
Then you taught me how to fly.
Through the years it will be the same,
I'll be Yours Forever.


When I look into your eyes,
I can see us together.
There will be no sad goodbyes,
As our love blossoms sweeter.

There's a place inside my heart
I know only you can fill.
Until death we'll never part.
You're the keeper of my heart.

(Copied here with permission from Majesty Music.)


Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you forever!


Tori said...

Sretan Godišnicu!

Happy anniversary, wow 13 years, you guys are a regular old married couple! :0)

Tammy said...

Yeah, and it's pretty wonderful, too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! What a blessing and a tremendous testimony - God's richest blessings to you both -R.H.

joolee said...

Happy Anniversary!

Fun to read your comments on my blog and now to read a little bit about your life:) I assume you came across mine because of the puppets I got my girls for Hanukkah/your VBS puppet shows. What a blast they have been.

Annette said...

Happy Anniversary!!! We love you both bunches.

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many more!

Lacy said...

Congratulations! :) Happy Anniversary!