Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A new schedule

That word schedule is used loosely here, mind you. Plan sounds more flexible, doesn't it? In my quest to balance the responsibilities of housekeeping, childrearing, and homeschooling, I've tried a few things, including Flylady.net.

I chose to unsubscribe from Flylady after a year, but I've come away with some good ideas: Shine your sink each night (the clean tends to spread to the rest of the kitchen). Babysteps (breaking monumental tasks into more manageable, bite-sized pieces). Clutter can't be organized, it can only be thrown out. Routines. (This is great for cleaning, but is necessary for school.) I'm now working these ideas into a family schedule that works for us.

Flylady divides the house into zones, and you work in one zone all week. I like the zones, but need to work in each of them every week. So here's the rundown:

Monday: Livingroom & floors (Because this is the first thing you see when you walk into my house, and it's typically a bit disastrous after the weekend and no housework done on the Lord's Day.)

Tuesday: Master bedroom (If I don't make it a zone, it might get neglected. Sad, but true.)

Wednesday: Sewing/Music room (Creativity all over this place. Enough said.)

Thursday: Bathrooms & floors (These get attention every day, but get a more thorough cleaning once a week.)

Friday: Schoolroom (Desks cleaned out, floors done, teacher's desk decluttered.)

Saturday: Children's rooms & Family closet (Is there any explanation needed here? :o)

The zone cleaning is done in the afternoon, after school and lunch.

Somebody gave me the book Managers of Their Homes, by Steven & Teri Maxwell. Have any of you read it? I've flipped through it, and must admit the charts and things look intimidating to me. If you have read it, please tell me if it was helpful to you. I plan to read it soon, and will post my opinions as well.

I also have a Daily Plan (the word schedule carefully avoided here, hee hee), which outlines my day by the hour. It is working a lot better than the "Fly By the Seat of Your (proverbial) Pants" Method.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan to me! That's we're kinda doing now. I don't like schedules because it makes me feel constricted, but trying to get into the mindset that it actually frees your time when it's not bootcamp. LOL

Great post, very encouraging!

joolee said...

I actually attended a couple of the Maxwell's lectures at the MACHE convention this past spring. Very interesting, but so far I've managed to survive without structuring my day in rigid half hour increments. I can see how that would work, but it is so not for me. Then again, my home is almost never clean unless we have company. Lucky for my husband, we have company often:)

Tammy said...

Aha, so I am not the only one intimidated by rigid schedules!

...I feel better now. Thanks. :o)