Friday, June 5, 2009

Food on Fridays ~ Fried Apples!

A certain group of Baptist ladies recently were discussing the yummy phenomenon of Fried Apples. I had never made them before, and one of them said (essentially), "Oh, you just melt some butter in a hot skillet, throw in some sliced and pared apples (preferably tart) with a little sugar, and fry them until they're soft."

That sounded easy enough. Someone else had mentioned how good they are on top of French toast. Hmm, crispy-tender, buttery French toast with warm cinnamony-gooey apples over the top... My pregger-brain latched on to that thought, so that's what we did for breakfast the next morning!

Here's how I made Fried Apples:

Peel, core and slice 7 or 8 tart apples (for a skillet-full, or you can half the recipe). Melt 3 to 4 Tbsp butter in a hot skillet, then add the apples, stirring to coat. Sprinkle brown sugar over the apples (to taste) with a dash of salt, and fry until they soften and start to brown and caramelize.

They should make a nice brown juice as they cook. Stir in some cinnamon, and serve warm.

...Your French toast will thank you! :o)


newlyweds said...

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!! This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

I love fried apples! My grandma always made them and they are definitely a treat on top of anything like ice cream, waffles, french toast or just plain. We have them sometimes with fried pork chops. We eat lots of fried stuff at our house - country cookin' I believe it's called! I'm sure that is why Bob struggles with losing weight - cuz I don't know how to cook healthy. I'm learning to do more of other stuff tho. I have never made them with brown sugar tho. I will have to try it.

Annette said...

yum!!! I love fried apples

Elizabeth said...

I love fried apples. Seriously.

When I was first married, I used to get so intimidated when people would say, "Oh, you just take a little this-and-that and throw it in a pan." Your apples look so very good and putting them with French toast sounds even better! No need for syrup.

Bro. Daniel said...

These were Great! Will do this again!

Hi there Annette!

Tereza said...

That looks really tasty!!

Sharinskishe said...

Looks really wonderful!! I love apples and I am sure this would be a wonderful new way to eat them.

Thanks for sharing on Food on Fridays.

My Food on Fridays

Elizabeth said...

Now that I'm starting to feel more energetic, I finally tried these this morning. We served them over know Southerners!

They were completely fabulous. I left the skins on, since I was sort of following your recipe by memory and they were still great. I used a bit too much butter too, but it was butter that was made locally on a small farm, so I didn't feel too bad about it.

Thanks again!

Butterfly said...

I love making apples whenever we have pancakes or french toast.. chop them up and mix in about a tablespoon of flour, some sugar, and cinnamon... then i fry them up in butter... it's like eating apple pie filling for breakfast..soo yummy. You can also do the same with pears, blueberries, blackberries..etc! =)