Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Musings

This will be short and sweet!

I've been thinking about the burning bush that Moses saw in the wilderness (Exodus chapter three). It was brought up in the book I was reading, "The Saving Life of Christ," by Major Ian Thomas. What about that bush? What was special about it? Why wasn't it consumed? Moses was wondering the same things when he turned aside to see about it. That's when God spoke to him, and turned his whole wilderness existence around.

All too early in Moses' career, he had blown it by jumping the gun. He was to be God's chosen leader to guide His people out of the bondage of Egypt. When he went out and saw an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew man, he decided to do things his way, killed the Egyptian, and hid his body in the sand. God had another, better plan to redeem his people!

Then Moses drifted for forty years of uselessness in the dessert, far from his calling. He was all burned up, a heap of useless ashes. When he saw that burning bush that was not consumed... what a wonderful thing! So what was it about the bush that kept it burning, yet never consumed?

The answer is that GOD was in that bush! If the bush had sustained the flame with its own resources, it would have turned to ashes within a minute. But it was God who sustained the flame, not the bush. The bush was just available.

Do you see what I'm seeing here? Are you a Christian who wants to be used by God? Are you trying to do it in your own power? You will only burn yourself out. We are to be still, await our orders, and be ready and available for His use every day. What does God want me to do today?

...And by the way, God can use a short bush, a full bush, a scraggly bush, and even a dry bush. Any available bush will do!

Have a blessed day!

Photo is of the beautiful artwork of Arnold Friberg, prints of which are available HERE.


Tammy said...

What a great devotion and way of applying it. I surely want to be used of God but often get caught up in doing things in my own strength. When the realization comes, I step back, take a deep breath and pray then wait for the answer to come.

David C Brown said...

What grace there was in God, who "is a consuming fire" to bear with Israel forty years in the wilderness - and to bear with you and me!