Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Johanna's a Joy

Our "baby" girl turned five years old! She was our first child born in Guatemala. She wanted to share her cake at church, so we waited until Sunday night for that. So on the morning of her actual day, we had birthday pancakes with homemade butter and cinnamon syrup.

Then on the Lord's Day we sang to her, thanking God for her life and praying His blessings upon her. Wish I had a photo of everybody who was there!

Her cake says, "Johanna is (five) years old."

Later at home, we all had some gifts to show her our love. This is a hand-stitched doll quilt her big sister made! Isn't that sweet?

These are five things I love about our Johanna Joy:

1) Her energy, spunk, and easy affection! (Oops, that's three, not one.)

2) Her funny little ways that make me laugh, such as "needing" three washcloths for her bath. One for her face, one for her bum, and one for her feet. Funny!

3) Her love for all things pretty and feminine. Such a girly-girl!

4) Her willingness to serve. She is always offering her help to others!

5) Her godly goals in life. She wants to be a good mommy more than anything!

I love you, Johanna Joy! You truly are a joy to us all. :o)


Annette said...

Happy Birthday Johanna. We love you!!!

edbarbgraham said...

Grammy and Papa love you, too.
Uncle Scotty, too.
Happy Birthday--mea cumpleanos.

Persuaded said...

congratulations to the beautiful birthday girl!

and her mama♥

Elizabeth said...

It took me a minute to remember from my Spanish in school what "tiene" meant. Then I put it all together that the hand, having 5 fingers, meant that she was turning five. Then I read your cake translation and laughed at myself for not being more observant.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, pequeña amiga!

(Hope I got that right...it's been almost 15 years since Spanish class.)

Nina in Portugal said...

Happy Birthday to your Johanna!

She's a doll! She could use that quilt!