Friday, June 12, 2009

Food on Fridays ~ A Rare Treat

When one moves to a foreign country to live, one often has to do without some things that one likes or is used to having around. Sometimes, this can make one more than a little homesick. After a while, one begins to crave things that one normally wouldn't crave, just because one (okay, I'm talking about myself) can't have it.


There is the occasional rare treat, and it becomes all the more delightful because of its rarity.

Just the other day my hubby came home from the grocery store with this little item:

Hmmm, "Great Value" knock-off brand Spaghetti-O's. "Great Value, isn't that a WAL-MART brand?" you might ask. And you would be right.

A Wal-mart brand item found in a store right here in the middle of Guatemala, Central America. Yes. That is right.

It turns out that Wal-mart has bought out our chain grocery store in Xela, which is only 25 minutes from my doorstep. I went to the store to see for myself, and even the employees have those little blue Wal-mart name tags on their shirts. I'm amazed!

Granted, the prices of the U.S. items are still high. This can of spaghetti rings cost about a dollar, which leaves a lot of room for rolling back prices, in my opinion...

But they sure were good!


Tereza said...

Ahh...the things we appreciate when we don't have them!

Nina in Portugal said...

Well, Tammy, I'd have to admit that there are many other items I crave beside canned speg. But I am in awe over you store now being owned by wal-mart. How cool is that?!

Tammy said...

Well, some things are a treat JUST because they are rare, lol!

The real treat will be looking around the store to see what ELSE they are stocking now... :o)

Sewing-Chick said...

I know what you mean! If I were ever to move away, I would totally miss Cincinnati style chili!!

A dollar isn't too bad. The name brand stuff on sale is usually a dollar around here.

Enjoy your Spaghetti O's :)

Tammy said...

Hmm? Maybe they are treat just cuz you're pregnant! But we DO crave what we can't have that's for sure.

Elizabeth said...

I'm with Tammy. Perhaps the baby really needed some wonderful store-brand spaghetti-o's.