Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thrifty finds

Yesterday the whole family went to town to do the weekly shopping and other errands. It's always fun to be in Xela, since we usually get to eat out somewhere and take all the children into the stores. (Boy, do we draw attention when all eight of us are together! :o)

Some of the children were needing some clothing, so we decided to stop in a few paca tiendas to see what they had. Pacas are huge bundles of used clothing that are brought down from the U.S., so what a paca tienda is, essentially, is a good ol', hometown THRIFT STORE!

I {heart} thrift stores.

The Lord allowed us to find some really nice clothes! I found two skirts, one for each of my big girls, and a long slip for my longest girl,two dressy pants for my growing boy, as well as a nice pair of black jeans. (The dark brown pants below are very nice corduroy. Always in season, here in the mountains!)

We also happened across that double-breasted sport coat (above), which fits Joseph perfectly, and is machine-washable. Also picked up some really nice Dockers for my hubby. (not pictured)

I paid about $15 for all of it. Thank you, Lord, for thrift stores!


Tereza said...

I love good finds. When the kids were smaller it was easier to do that!
Looks like a lot of clothes for the cost:)

Nina in Portugal said...

No thrift stores here in Portugal, but we've been blessed with some folks that will hand us down clothing. Which is not typical Portuguese behavior. Especially if you're not family.

Great finds...Praise the Lord!!

Bro. Daniel said...

I love it when my wife saves me money!

Proverbs 31:12

Tammy said...

Amen to great finds at thrift stores. I heart them too! Most of my clothes come from them or consignment shops where you can get them half off after they are on the rack more than a month. I spent $23 at Goodwill the other day and got 11 items! 3 pairs of jeans for Bob, a denim overall dress for me, 2 twin sheets needed for church camp, a western shirt for John, a blouse for Jenny, 2 shirts for Bob, and a pair of culottes for a girl for camp!

sarah said...

What a wonderful provision of the Lord!

I loved the pictures of your family a few post prior... beautiful children!

lovingly in our Savior,

Elizabeth said...

Yes, thank the Lord for thrift stores. What sense does it make to spend sometimes $60 or more on a dress just so you can be the one to pull the price tag off, when you can buy the same thing at the thrift store for a few dollars?

Annette said...

I heart thrift stores too. Alan would agree with Daniel, he loves it when I save him money too LOL

DariLolis said...

Yes, Thrift stores are a wonderful blessing from God. We can save money and still find modest clothes for the whole family.

Tammy, my two daughters have an identical top (blusa) to the one your daughter is wearing in the picture. How exciting!