Saturday, April 12, 2008

The girls

It was brought to my attention by a kind reader that I have posted pictures of my boys lately, but nothing of the girls. To remedy this, we went outside for a quick photo shoot. Here I am with my sweet girls!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely family! God bless all of you!

Which church are you representing? Are you mennonites?

Jorgen Vestergaard

Tori said...

Wow, the girls are getting so big, I'm amazed that. Jessica is so tall now, she looks like she could wear your clothes.
You an Daniel have a love family!

maw maw said...

beautiful,beautiful young ladies. proud to say they are my grandbabies!

DTH said...

Love the old style dresses.

Tammy said...

Tori, I'm sure that Jessica will be raiding my closet soon enough, lol!

Tammy said...

Hello Jorgen! We are Independent Baptists, here in Guatemala to establish more Bible-believing Baptist churches.

Tammy said...

Thank you, dth. We try to dress modestly to be a good testimony for Jesus. These days, that usually means wearing dresses that are an "old-fashioned" style!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture, Tammy!

Your oldest daughter reminds me of my almost-9-year-old! She is getting taller and taller every day and keeps telling me she's sure she will be taller than me (not hard to do as I am only 5'1")!

Thanks for sharing,
Joy in Missouri