Friday, April 4, 2008

What's going on here.

The church in San Juan is excited to be sending out their first missionary! His name is Eddy Poz, and he has been serving in the church for six years or so. On Monday Daniel and another brother will be driving him down to Honduras, which is where he feels the Lord is calling him to work.

...Meanwhile, we are working on recording some good music with Hno. Eddy before he goes. He plays wonderful guitar, and I am contributing some [mediocre] Irish pennywhistle. It's a rather exciting project, and I hope to be able to share these recordings with some of you soon!


Sarah said...

HI Tammy!
Praise the Lord!

This is Pro-Life Sarah from the headcovering site.

It is exciting to read about Eddy and his desire to further the work of the Lord in another location. Yes, this is very exciting indeed!

Your family is very dear and we will pray for you all,

In our Saviour's love,