Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comida típica

If you were to attend a birthday, graduation, or other party here, you would likely be served a pache like this, along with a cup of sweet coffee or tea. They are traditionally made of potatoes, but the rice ones seem to be more popular now. In the center is a piece of chicken or beef in sauce, a strip of sweet red pepper, and a prune. This is all wrapped up in a banana leaf and steamed until it sets. Looks humble, I know, but it tastes delicious! And if you get stuck without a napkin, the stiff slice of bread on the side can serve as one. ;o)


Tori said...

Ohh Tammy,
That actually looks delicious. I regret that Croatia doesn't have any exotic foods. No banana leaves here. But then again, we don't have snakes, or giant spiders, or any ickies like those so I can deal with not having the exciting foods. :0)

Tammy said...

The native creatures are more exciting than the native food - but in a different way, lol!