Friday, April 11, 2008

Sweet potatoes

Like hashbrowns? You should try sweet potato hashbrowns! Here are some pointers:

Pour enough oil (we use olive or canola) into a skillet to cover the bottom about 1/4 inch. Heat skillet to med/high heat. Shred only about two sweet potatoes at a time, and put them directly into the skillet. Toss immediately to coat with oil, as they tend to oxidize quickly. Pat down and allow to fry until the bottom side browns, then turn. Once both sides are brown, remove the hashbrowns from the oil and allow to drain. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. So yummy!

Speaking of cooking, my three daughters offer these handy tips when cooking in the kitchen:

Jessica (9 yrs) says, "Make sure you start with a clean counter, and put things away as soon as you are done."

Jillian (7 yrs) says, "Do not start cooking something, and then go take a nap."

Johanna (3 yrs) says, "Do NOT cook supper with DIRT."


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy! Children are so funny, aren't they? Your girls gave some good advice! ;-)


Tori said...

Oh very funny Tammy. That looks like a great idea, if we had sweet potatoes here.

Tammy said...

What?? No sweet potatoes in Croatia?? Bummer. I thought those things would grow anywhere! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I liked Jillian's tip on cooking. . . .about not starting something then going to take a nap! LOL, very sound advice!

I LOVE sweet potatoes fried! Actually , I love them any way you can fix them. I havent done them as hash browns but as fried potatoes. Tasty! Someone gave us some out of their garden once and there were SO many that I tried them all different ways so we wouldnt waste any, when Christy was around 13, and, then found out how versatile they are.
Love, Alene