Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What did we expect?

I read an article that said there was a recent study conducted by the Parents Television Council (PTC) entitled The Rap on Rap. I quote...

[The study] examined music videos on BET and MTV during afternoon and early evening hours, when many children are at home after school....PTC found more than 1,300 instances of offensive content in a mere 14 hours of programming in March, primarily in the form of sexually-charged images, explicit language, violence, drug use and sales, and other illegal activity...."Being in the trenches fighting for better indecency enforcement and cable choice on behalf of millions of American families, we thought we'd seen it all," (PTC president) Winter lamented, "but even we were taken aback by what we found in the music video programs on MTV and BET that are targeted directly at impressionable children."

I have two questions: 1) Why should we be "taken aback" when ungodly people put out ungodly programming? and 2) Since when are BET and MTV channels supposed to be viewed by children at any hour? I appreciate people such as the PTC who try to stand for what is right, but I suppose my theory would leave them without a cause. My theory is this: Children who do not watch television at all will not be exposed to the sex, drugs and violence broadcast there.

Television has little or nothing good to offer Christian families. Why do Christians continue to keep (and actually PAY for) this conduit to pipe filth into their living rooms? The Christian home should be a refuge from the noise and influence of the world. I think Christians should reconsider whether the TV is really necessary, and weigh it against the negative influences it has in their homes. If we were all honest with ourselves, the TV would go out the door.

...How's that for indecency enforcement?


Kerry said...

Even households with strictly monitored television watching have older children who get up at night and watch porn videos and sometimes little siblings end up in the living room, also. Unfortunately only seconds of watching those images will engrave them on the mind, never to be erased.

Not having one at all sounds like the safest route to me. Nowadays we have the computer to worry about, also, but thankfully it can be password protected, etc.